Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Add to the Stash Tuesday!

Round Two of the Stash arrived today!  We unloaded three pickup truck loads of weaving stash to add to our own stash!  The weavers got first pick at the materials, and we put the rest into storage.

We sorted as we unloaded by type of fiber and by color.  Some of the rolls were a little dirty, so those were put on the table as a freebie.  I'm glad the weather was nice so we could do all of this outside!

After everything was unloaded, then the shopping started!!!  Most of the weavers have looms at home, and this will make great rugs and placemats......so much to choose from!!!!

In addition to adding to the stash today, we also got an up close look at Tina's new throw.  Isn't it beautiful!!!!

And, we put together our donation for the Gala auction.  The Pottery Department made mugs, and Tina wove the napkins.  This is one of Carl's handwoven tote bags, and we added teas, chocolates and biscotti.  Yum!
  Another busy, busy day at the Center!  I think Carl was the only one that got to his loom!  Carol is back, and she priced some items to go upstairs in the shop.  But, it's always good to be together!

Happy Weaving to You!


Bonnie said...

Another fun and exhausting day. Lunch was provided by the wonderful and thoughtful LouAnn. Thanks, Louann.

Carol said...

You're right, Bonnie. It was fun and lunch was such an unexpected bonus!! I'm glad we'll be back to weaving next week. This excitement is almost too much!! Just weaving will be so therapeutic.

Two Guys and a Loom said...

All that wonderful "stash" looks like such fun!!!!