Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Confess

They say that confession is good for the friends.....I confess that I have been having an "on again, off again" torrid love affair.  There!  I said it!!!  He is ruggedly handsome and oh-so versatile!  When the morning sun bathes him in light, I get weak in the knees.  He can sense my mood, and even encourages me to take any negative energy out on him.....and he responds to my softer moods, too.  He is solidly built, and encourages me to think creatively.  He never complains if I ignore him for a bit, but jumps into action when I move close by.  And, he gives me complete control of the remote!!!!

Oh, John!!!  I do love you so!  You are the only counter-balance loom that understands me!
   This week, John and I have been rather busy.  We finished up the cat mat, and completed one tote bag.  That included weaving some fabric for pockets, too.  I'm ready to start another tote bag...I've got the side gusset woven, and the rag is wound on the shuttle.  That's my project for today (which is looking like a rainy day to weave inside.)

This is a great shot of the cat mat going on the cloth beam.  The weft was a heavy twill.  The hem of the mat used two shades of blue for the weft, and the gusset of the tote uses blue and red for the weft.  The weft of the tote was a medium weight red twill cut in 3/4 inch strips.

When I bought Mz. Emily last summer, I got odds and ends of weft, too.  There was a bag of these red strips that are 1 1/4 inch wide.  The strips are about 5 yards long.  I joined some strips, then ran them through the Fraser cutter to cut them in half for the weft.  For the handles, I braided the wide strips into the bag.  When I finished the tote bag, I wove just fabric to use for the pockets that I will add inside the tote.
  John and I will be spending this rainy day together....happily weaving another tote.  I already told him that I have to spend some time in the sewing room later.....I think he understands.  The totes will need to be cut off and washed and put together.
  Never fear........we'll we starting that denim rug soon, my love!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

Sounds like a keeper to me!

Linda said...

Weaving on a rainy day sounds like the perfect activity to me!

I have forgotten, what kind of loom is Emily? The wolf pup??

Theresa said...

And look, there's the CAT! Great mat. Great loom. It's spring and you're in love. How perfect!

Bonnie said...

You have gotten your mo jo goin for you. He is a keeper.

Maggie said...

OMG! I needed to laugh that hard tonight! Thanks!