Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back Home

As promised last week, here's my sister's quilt top. Her fabric was amazing with roses all over so her quilt is beautiful. She's working on the second quilt top now but I won't see it til I go back up there end of July.
I was looking at other stack n whack quilts and there's a pattern that kind of looks like stars all over the quilt and I think I'll try to get that pattern and see if we can't try to make that when I'm up there in summer. Hmm, guess I'll have to buy more fabric.....

 I did fly home last Thursday. As has been the case this trip, it was not quite uneventful. We boarded the plane on time in Regina. Moved back from the gate as normal.......but stopped at 10 feet or so and sat there for 55 minutes. The water heater for the coffee machine overheated and blew a fuse. It took that long to do the paperwork before we could take off. I was fine. I had 3 hours built in for my layover but others didn't have nearly that long. Once we landed in Minneapolis we had to go through customs and security again. Several people were rushed to the front of the security line to try to make their connections. I hope they made it.
I landed in Knoxville after 10pm and DD arrived to pick me up, right on time!
That all seems like nothing when I heard from a friend who'd flown to China the day before I left Knoxville. She wrote that they were to land in Japan,  I guess to refuel on the way. They missed the earthquake by 18 minutes and were diverted to an island somewhere. She doesn't know where. They weren't allowed off the plane for over 30 hours and were a day and a half late for their China tour.  She did say they had a wonderful time once the tour got going!!
Coming back to spring was wonderful. I talked to my sister yesterday and she said it was just above  freezing and melting some but also snowing. I think we're safe. Yesterday while driving back from the center in Norris I sure was enjoying all the redbuds blooming at the side of the interstate! Looking out my kitchen window it looks like the wisteria is about to open up. I thought DH had gotten it all because it is invasive but I guess one little section evaded him last year!

So what's on the loom here? I'm weaving this pretty combination on my production loom. I almost forgot to take  a picture and have to wind more bobbins before I can weave again in a few minutes.
I only have a warp on my baby wolf as well. It's still that scarf warp that I painted. Also painted the weft and it's fun to watch the progression but I need to get back to it. I'm on the second scarf. This week I hope to get warps on the other 2 looms down there.
Coming back from a trip like this always results in my taking a couple of days to re acclimate myself to my life here. The time changed while I was gone. When I flew up they were an hour earlier. Saskatchewan doesn't change their time, ever. So coming back here it's 2 hours later than them. That threw me for a bit of a loop. Now I'm back into the swing of things and hope to get this warp off the loom today. I need to wind 3 warps by tomorrow so I can get them onto the looms. I think the next warp for my workhorse Nilus is a peach one with maybe jade for an accent color.
I'm heading down to wind some bobbins so I can weave the 3 vests left on the warp!


LA said...

Oh my! You're already planning projects for July! Guess you'll have to go fabric shopping! LOL!!! Your new warp is lovely...can't wait to see the peach warp.

Bonnie said...

I think the stars would be so pretty on a quilt. That blue and yellow warp is so pretty. It will make something beautiful.