Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An Award Winning Tuesday!!!

We won an award!!!  Thank you to Two Men and a Loom, who thought we might deserve an award for yakking blogging.  Actually, we just love to share our LOVE of weaving!  If you haven't visited their site, you can find it listed on the right under the blogs we visit.  They are in the process of fixing up a fabulous (but formerly neglected) house, and still find time to weave!

Now, for a few things you might not know about us!
Just counting the 14 people who were at weaving today, we have a collective 165.5 years of weaving experience between us.  Carl has been weaving for 40 years.....Pat for 11 years.....Ann for 1 year.  It averaged out to 11.82 years if you want to be exact.   Just so you know, Carol has been weaving for 34 years and Ms. Joyce for 32 years.  Our experienced weavers really help those of us who haven't been weaving as long.  There is always someone to bounce ideas off of, that's for sure!

Only 4 of us are native Tennesseans!  The rest?  Canada, Alabama, California, Colorado, Missouri, New York, North Carolina and Pennsylvania were the places called out!  If you have ever wondered what 100 yards looks like, just take a look in front of Tina!  (This will be a story for a future blog!)

Most of you know that Maggie is now the Pastry Chef at Blackberry Farms, but did you know she studied at Le Cordon Bleu????  There are 6 Masters' Degrees in today's group (I just have a B.S.!)  We have a Marine, a retired minister, teachers, Girl Scout Leaders, chemical engineer, nurses, mom to 4, community organizer, missionary, and a NASA employee to name just a few of our past/present careers.

We often have people shopping up stairs who wander down to talk to us as we weave.  Tina spent some time talking to a couple from Michigan today.  I'm sure they were glad to get out of the snow for a bit!  And, another lady came down to talk to Ann about a rag rug.  People are often amazed at how active our group is!

YES, we do love to eat!!!  Ms. Ila is famous for bringing us little goodies from time to time.  When we have a potluck lunch, it's over the top!!!  Yum, yum!!!  If you're in Norris any Tuesday, we eat at noon!!!

And, yes, we do get some weaving done during our time at the Center!  I cut two scarves off my loom today, and Carl cut off two rag bags for me to bring home and finish.  I left with a bulging tote bag of things to do during the next few days.

As for recommending other blogs for this award, we invite you to check out the ones listed to the right.  We have learned so much from these blogs, which is why they are listed.  Three of our Tuesday Weavers have their own blog:
http://farmsteadstudio.blogspot.com/  is Tina's blog
http://pineridgehandwovens.blogspot.com/   is Linda's blog
http://asweetthread.blogspot.com/  is Maggie's blog

  I'm sure they would love to know you visited them!!!

Happy Weaving!!!


Tina J said...

Can you believe all that goes on in 4 short hours!

Bonnie said...

It was great to have Maggie back with us.

Maggie said...

Thanks! It was good to be back!

Maria@yourbrainmedia said...

You guys look so happy with your work. You look all happy.

Two Guys and a Loom said...

What a talented and diverse group of people!!! Sounds like a Tuesday road trip should be in our future!!!