Monday, March 7, 2011

Picture This:

I had a great blog entry all ready, with photos from my Canon G10, because I don't like the quality of the iphone's camera.  But about six weeks ago, I downloaded Snow Leopard onto my imac, and ever since then, I haven't been able to download photos from my Canon.  I've troubleshot the problem all afternoon, and it's not working.  This has made me grumpy and irritable and I feel like I need to go make a cup of tea, grab a brownie and go knit in front of the t.v. for the rest of the afternoon.  Kind of a version of pouting, but productive and nutritious at the same time!
  I haven't woven anything this week, anyway, and I've already blogged about my knitting antics on A Sweet Thread.  I did find a perfect pattern for the lace on my new socks.  Hang on!  I'll see if I can download that from my iphone app from Vogue knitting!  Stay right there!
  No, can't send it.  It's cool, though:  eyelet hearts, 12 stitches, plus 3, just about right.  Guess you have to be there to visualize it.
   I did have a good weekend, though.  I had brunch with my friend Amy yesterday.  She's drinking her sweet tea while I drank my bloody mary, because she's a civilized Southern woman, while I'm a heathen Yankee!  Bistro at the Bijou is now my favorite brunch spot, which is where we went.  Everything I've had there has been delicious, especially the bloody mary!
  Saturday, we hosted a fundraising dinner for the Knoxville Museum of Art, which was not so much fun, but here are three women loving their job, rolling 650 rolls for the dinner.  This is my new work area, now that I'm back making desserts.  Krissy and Tracy, closest and farthest from the camera, are the bread baking wizards, while Suzie in the middle is one of the p.m. pastry cooks.  Melanie came over with me from the preservation kitchen and is the other p.m. pastry cook.  We're still looking for one more a.m. pastry cook, but we have two people trying out for the job in the next week.
And here's the one picture I got of the dinner, the first course.  It's a terrine of lobster and leeks.  See what I mean about the quality of the photos?  It's funny how a 5 megapixel camera used to be state of the art, but now, it's not good enough!
  Well, that cup of tea and brownie is ready.  Have a wonderful, up and down weather-wise week!  Stay tuned to Loomy Tunes for the exciting donation fun tomorrow!
  Happy Weaving!   Maggie


Bonnie said...

OK, I am ready for a cup of tea and brownie. Oh, yeah. I don't have any brownie's. Guess I will settle for just tea. See you tomorrow.

LA said...

I've got my coffee (no brownie...trying to cut back a bit.) I've been working on a moebius pattern in's hard to see your stitches with "hairy" yarn!!!! Maybe I should just weave it!!! You didn't say anything about how the people enjoyed the onion gel-oh...

Roxie said...

I'm waiting for your TV show now. Cake Boss is such fun but Pastry Mistress should just rock!!