Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why I'm Late

  1. The dog ate my homework.  Probably shouldn't have written it on a T-bone.
  2. The weekend was too pleasant.
  3. I completely forgot it was Monday a.k.a. Blog Day.
Number two is partially correct, but I really must blame it on three.  This weekend, I had a horrible migraine, and got out of bed just in time to make dessert for GULP, the dinner group Pat and I belong to.  The theme was Italian food, the Parma region, but I was given specifically Chocolate, Almonds and Coffee.
Italians don't really eat dessert much, but they do eat biscotti.  Here are almond biscotti, before they're cut and re-baked (that's what biscotti means:  twice baked); they're flavored with fennel, black pepper and Meyer lemon.  I served them with Madeira to dunk them in.  
  Next, I made Amaretti to serve with the chocolate cake I was making.  They were golden, beautiful, smelled amazing, but with a trace of burnt smell.  Yes, I burned them!  The bottoms were all black, and I was sad.  Plan B:  no Amaretti.
The cake, though...  Ah, the cake.  I found a recipe in my personal cookbook that was an almost flourless chocolate cake.  I had no recollection of this cake, but it sounded pretty good.
  It was.  I made an espresso sauce to go with it and packed everything up to go to Pat's house.  It was a delightful evening, full of friendship, amazing food and Italian music.
  Which is all to say I have not been weaving, not one pick or throw.  I've been knitting chenille gifts for family members for Christmas, going on bad dates, working like crazy on pickles and  hanging out with the pets.  I'm hoping to spend some time in the loominaria this weekend, but no promises.  I do, however, promise to post more punctually next week!  Until then, happy weaving!


LA said...

Sometimes real life just gets in the way!!! I'm glad the dinner went well.

Roxie said...

Migraines always leave me feeling like someone poured glue in my brain. You did some awesome baking! I am SO impressed!

Tina J said...

That cake looks amazing! Hope you are feeling better.

Bonnie said...

The cake and biscotti look yummie.

Anonymous said...

Maggie - Yum. I like making biscotti and love fennel. The evening sounded great. Sorry you couldn't join us at dyeing workshop #2. ~Marta