Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Totally Tuesday!

Some of the results from our dye day are in, we think that Ladonna has some too, but she couldn't make it today.  It was fun to see how the different fibers took the dye differently.
 Pat brought in a few pieces to donate to the Tuesday Weavers stash .  Here they are on top of the rugs that Alan finished last week.

Here is the new warp that Carl is putting on, I forgot to ask him what he was making!
 Lanny's scarf project is progressing nicely!

Linda is winding the final section of a warp she will be weaving at home, I think I am counting 20 + yards on the mill.

Here is one of my creative rug warps going on the old Barn Loom in the corner.  It is turning out exactly like I wanted it too!  There is a first!

We had an important meeting at lunch to nail down some dates for the Christmas party and for our Dye Day to start out the new year.  But we could do neither since some of the key participants were not here today.  Oh well, maybe we can pin them down via email.

There you go, another busy Tuesday! 
Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina for all!


LA said...

Carl's warp is for rag purses with braided handles. He'll be using fabric for weft...this will be fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't make it today. I am fine - life just went a bit crazy the last several days. Next week I will bring my immersion dyed yarns for show and tell. I Love the warp on the barn loom.


Bonnie said...

A busy day for most. I did a lot of visiting and talking. I didn't have a place to wind my warp. So I just waited.

Maggie said...

Did you notice how everything is pastels? Are you guys already pining for Spring?

Roxie said...

Great warps! You guys realy GO for it, don't you?