Friday, November 26, 2010

The Day After!

While I am composing my blog posts for today, I am dining on left over apple pie.  While not as good as it was yesterday, is very much appreciated this morning! 
Today will be a day of catching up and moving forward at the same time. My house looks like it could really use some attention, including the laundry pile. I also have the 2 looms I am dressing upstairs, calling to me. So the plan is 1 hour devoted to housework, then 1 hour devoted to the looms. My back will need the break after an hour, and that way I can really get some stuff done around the here!

40 is the magic number around here.  40 yards that is, give or take a little.
On the Leclerc Mira 45 inch, It is over an inch thick, but you can see that I could easily do double that!  That is, as far as the space is concerned, not sure I would want to turn that crank that many times!  I think that I read somewhere about spacers that I can put under the sectional bars that would put the beam circ. closer to 1 yard.  I think I will be looking into that for the next time around.

You may remember Lillians injury 2 weeks ago.  Our dear weaving friend Alan has put her right.  It is so good to have a Weaver that is also good with wood and metal!  Thank you Alan!
I have also been having trouble with the lamms that Lillian came with.  They continually get hung up on each other particularly the 3rd and 4th one.  I have been looking at the looms at Lou Anns house, and all of the lamms on her looms are coming from the same side.
So, that is what we are going to be trying this time around with Lillian!

I had my DD over to weave on her first project ever this week, a Looper Rug. (more on this on my Farmsteadstudio blog) DH kindly handled the kids for us for awhile! He even took them to lunch!  So I got to work on the sectional and help her out at the same time.

This morning, as I go up the stairs to the studio, the Leclerc Mira 45inch is already wound, and Lillian 45 inch, a Burchard Loom, 4 harness counterbalance, made in Berkley, California, is waiting to be finished.  I think I count 9 bouts left.

I will then make sure I have enough heddles one the Mira 45, and start the threading process, thank the Lord it is Carpet Warp, and only 480 ends on each loom!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina
Oh, I did run that race, came in on fumes, but my time was good!

ETA- Lillian is threaded and sleyed, the house looks pretty good, the only thing I didn't get to is the floors, I am just too pooped tonight!  The Mira 45 will have to wait till Monday.


Bonnie said...

Ok, then. I have to take a rest just reading this. Congratulations on the run. That is great. You are getting your production set up to RUN.

LA said...

I can't wait to hear how the new lamm system works on Lillian. It looks like it should work. You'll be so glad you have all that yardage on the looms....lots of projects on those looms!!!

Theresa said...

OMG, 40 YARDS! My hats off to you. I have a hard time finishing anything over 4 or 5 yards.