Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Last minute rush

Tomorrow I set up at my last show for the season. So the week was spent trying to get all those last minute pieces woven and finished. I didn't have time to weave alot, just 2 warps. One had 5 pieces on it and the other 6. I've finished 2 pieces completely, ready for my label and to be packed. The rest are still in line for the sewing and handwork necessary. I won't get them all done before the show is over but I'll do my best!

On the great news side, DD is finally crutch free. I think she's supposed to still use one crutch but it's very awkward and she's not using it. She walks slowly and still painfully, but is thrilled to be able to drive again.  Steps are still excruciatingly painful but each day she is able to get around a bit better. We're thankful for the progress that she makes.

Months ago I ordered loopers from Hillary at Crazy as a Loom. The boxes come packed with loopers but also crud that is part of the waste from the sock knitting. They're strings of yarn anywhere up to about 12 inches long that just get in the way. So I like to go through and get rid of all that stuff plus put the loopers in bags of their color. That way I know how much I have and can kind of ration the colors out. I know I have a ton of yellow so the rugs will have a bit more yellow in them than other colors. DD had begun to do this crud removal for me and I'm paying her for that. However, DH sat down the other day and couldn't quit. He's done the majority of the 78 lbs that I got.  One box is left. I suspect he'll do most of that as well!

Once this show is over I have the weaving challenges to do that we started in January. There's that mug rug to weave that goes with the mug I found in Canada, the scarves to weave with the donated yarn that we wanted to use up plus the Clinch Valley Handweavers Guild panels to weave in our friendship throw project. I think I can get it all done once I weave off those handtowels that have been on my baby wolf for how many months now while I was doing production??? Then there are those painted warps to weave and I'd love to dye more.
It never ends does it? Tons of inspiration all around us. Weavers never get bored!!


Roxie said...

So much to weave, so little time!

Bonnie said...

Lots to do. Never bored. Glad you have help removing those strings from the loopers. That can be a real help.

Linda said...

Wow! You are an inspiration to us all! Whew, if only I could accomplish as much as you do.

What a great DH!!

I am glad to hear your DD is doing better.


LA said...

DD is making great progress!!!! YEAH!!!! Your to-do list sounds very familiar...we both have to get busy!

Tina J said...

I really like to sort thru the loopers. I put on an audio book and just go into a zone!