Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Torrential Tuesday!

Today was a day that even an umbrella could barely save you from a soaking! 

We had a great day at the center, with I think 8 weavers present.  Ann and Alan were at the Barn Looms, I was working on old Bessie, the little Hammett loom that churns out placemats, Carl was threading today, one Bonnie was finishing winding a warp and getting it on a loom, and the other Bonnie was working on Mug Rugs on one of the table looms, (she even came up with a variation that looks fab!)  Linda was on the other mug rug warp, (I didn't get a pic of Linda!) and Carol was helping a new student get her feet wet!




Bonnie and Bonnie!




Nada (Aka new student)

Carol, Lanny and I also inventoried everything that was going to go to the Antique and Craft mall in Farragut TN, tomorrow.  We are really excited about this opportunity to sell, especially this time of year, when there are buyers looking for something unusual.  We set up tomorrow, I will get some pictures of it all and post them over on Farmstead Studio sometime tomorrow.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina, for all



LA said...

Can you believe WORK got in the way of weaving??? Oh well, gotta pay to play! I'm ready for the rain to go away, but we'll stay dry inside while we weave. Pictures next week!!!!

Bonnie said...

Yes, pictures next week. We were all doing different things. Today was a good day for ducks. I have a lake in my front yard. It is not suppose to be there.

LA said...

WooooWhoooo....pictures! Welcome Nada!!!!