Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hey Marta....Until Next Time!

OK....so we'll use any excuse to have a potluck dinner.  But, today was a special day at weaving.  Marta has been with us a year, and now it's time for her and her hubby to move back to New Mexico.  Marta brought her posole, and the rest of us pitched in with LOTS more food.  Sharen even took her lunch break to be with us today.  Lunch was yummy!!! 

It looks like plans are underway for a western branch of the Tuesday Weavers!!!!  It will be fun to see the exchange of ideas in the coming months. 

Marta made Carol an Weaver's Dream Catcher with all natural materials....even little carved shuttles. 

And, I loved my pequin ristra....it is such a beautiful symbol of a bountiful harvest and special friendships.  It brought back wonderful memories of my time in the Land of Enchantment.

We also got some weaving done.  Allan is working on the warp Tina wound for him....he's about ready to start weaving on it.  He got the warp beam fixed for Tina's loom (see it on the left.)  Ann brought her table loom and joined us after her class. 

Both of the Bonnies are winding warps on the Warping Boards. 

And, Tina finished up her Tuesday Weaver day by working on some mug rugs. 

We aren't saying "good-bye" to Marta.....we'll just say we hope to see her soon.

Happy Weaving........


Bonnie said...

Yes, Marta will we see you later. Ok, I figured it out. Tina is at your loom at your house. Thought you could fool me.

Linda said...

We will miss you, Marta! Looking forward to future visits.

Susan said...

Marta we surely will miss you! You wove your way into our hearts!
Yes,Bonnie I was busy spreading some Christmas cheer for my California family.

Maggie said...

I'm sorry I missed Marta's farewell potluck. Marta, it was a joy to weave with you! Have a good, safe trip back!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't even bring myself to read the blog until today for fear that I'd have another meltdown!! You have all been so wonderful in so many ways that go way beyond weaving. I feel truly blessed to have been a small part of the Tuesday Weavers, and look forward to rendezvous visits in BOTH Tennessee and New Mexico. Thank you so much for everything! ~Marta