Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Show views

The show season is over!! That's such a nice feeling. You can breathe again for awhile before the rush to produce takes over again. Of course I still have all the end of year inventory logs to do and figuring out what I'm going to weave for next year's shows but I can take a bit of time doing that. I've delivered pieces to 2 shops where I always switch things around after the Foothills Craft Guild show and ready to think spring!

I took some pictures at the show on Sunday morning before the show started. I do the shows alone and don't have someone to booth sit so I can take pictures during the day. It's like we have a tether tying us to our booth. We can go just a little way down the aisle but need to keep an eye on our booth to see if someone is looking at pieces there.

So, I picked 3 booths to feature this time. Right next to my chair across the side aisle is Randy McCurdy. He has a big flower garden in his yard and he raises tons of flowers that he puts between glass to sell. Years ago my parents drove down for this show to see what I was up to when I talked about doing shows. Well, they walked around the whole show and bought one thing. It was a piece by Randy.  Randy's other "claim to fame" is that he was the model for the statue of Chet Atkins that is downtown in Nashville. Since my DH is president of the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society, I always think that it's really cool that he modeled for the artist making the statue.

Down the aisle in the other direction was Timothy Flint's booth. He's an excellent weaver specializing in tartans and multi harness weave structures. I always enjoy looking at his scarves and the books he has in his booth. The other interesting thing about Timothy is that he is the librarian for the Complex Weavers organization. I think the Tuesday Weavers are contemplating going up to his house to look at some of the samples that he has there. I know the complex weaves can be a little overwhelming but looking at the yarns and weave structures chosen for the samples will be so interesting.  Some of the Tuesday Weavers went by to see him and he was very kind to talk weave structures and answered any questions that they had.
 At the other end of the hall our own Pat had a booth. She brought her wolf pup and demonstrated all weekend. I know she sold some of her pieces as well. Pat's a good weaver and makes excellent rugs, placemats and mug rugs! Since her booth was so far from mine I was only there a few minutes.  I'm sure she talked all weekend. Like all of us, I'm sure she was really glad to be able to kick back in the evenings and not talk!
I've got a few orders to finish yet in the next few weeks but nothing's urgent! What a great feeling!! I may take a few hours and just read a book for awhile!! Or, go shopping a few hours!!
I have one loom that still has a warp on it. It's been on there since spring for handtowels. I really want to get it empty by next week. So, I guess I'll weave again tomorrow. Really, I love to weave and if I do some every day I'll get that warp off and another one on!


LA said...

You didn't take a picture of YOUR booth!!! I know it looked great, though. As a proud owner of one of your jackets, I know how tempting all your items are!

Bonnie said...

Now time to get rested. You did forget to take a picture of your booth.

Tina J said...

Thanks for the view into your world! I am still a little intimidated by it all, but with 40 yards for Baby Blankets and Couch Throws on two looms I better get used to it!

Roxie said...

As a natural introvert, I found the shows grueling. At least I was always near people who would watch the booth when I ran to the bathroom. Hope you were similarly fortunate.