Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tubs for Tuesday!

Today was full of Tubs!  Tubs of all sizes!  This big one if full of natural colored sock Loopers.  We really prefer our loopers to have lots of bright colors, so there was nothing to do but call another dye day!
 We counted out batches of 50 loopers and strung them together to make them easier to handle.

When they were strung up, I took them over to the sink and washed and rinsed them, to prepare for the dye bath.  This Dye Day we are doing mostly immersion dyeing.  (Though we did have a couple of painted warps going on)   Once the loopers were clean-ish, we set them aside and Carol, and Pat prepared the dye baths, in the small tubs! 

We also did some gauze skeins that I seemed to have totally missed with the camera!   Ann also had some skeins to use as weft that she threw into the buckets as well, again, no picture!

Next week we can post pictures of the results.


Bonnie missed our day at Lou Ann's, so she brought her warp and painted away, you can see us stringing the loopers together in the back ground.

Linda did a warp too, and so did other Bonnie, I really fell down on the job this time!  Again we will get you some pics of the finished warps for next week.

 Carl brought in his most recent tapestry creation, isn't it beautiful!

Alan and Lanny were working on knotting the rugs that were taken off last week.

Tubs were all over the place today as you can see, I didn't even show you the ones that Ladonna brought from the dollar store.  You really couldn't do dye day without them.  We are talking about a dye day in January or February to see if we can do all the loopers, as we barely made a dent in that Tub full.
Lots going on as usual, until next time, Tina for all!


LA said...

What a busy day. I especially loved the tub of "evergreen" dye. Those loopers were beautiful!

Anonymous said...

So fun - I came in mid day and the place was like a circus. I was still able to get two skeins dyed.

Funny though the beautiful dark green bucket of dye out on the picnic table ended up giving me a skein of a very pretty pale celery green - pretty but not exactly what I expected or wanted. Was it because I was a late comer to the bucket?

The dark reddish/black/purple that I concocted stayed deep in color - very nice. but the loopers in the bucket and some of my skein didn't take the dye - did I need more agitation?

Lots to learn here.


Bonnie said...

What a busy fun day. Sorry that I had to leave the fun early.

Maggie said...

Jealous, simply jealous!