Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Whirlwind Tuesday

Today is a beautiful Fall day in East Tennessee!  Cool days and cooler nights have brought on the colors of the leaves, and increased the activity level of of the Tuesday Weavers.  This morning I walked into a whirlwind of activity at the Center....strips being cut, warps being wound, threading of looms and the weaving on many other looms.
  Ann is cutting strips of denim for her rug warp, and this yardage is slightly unwieldy to cut...even on the rag cutter!  (Sorry...this is not a flattering shot of Ann!!!)I brought my Olfa cutter and mat, along with the Chickadee electric cutter for the weavers to try out.

First, Tina demonstrated how she cuts jeans apart with the Chickadee.  She makes very quick work of old jeans!!!
  Then, we folded the denim (4 layers) and went to town with the Chickadee.  Marta even tried her hand with this handy device.

Ann got down to business pretty quickly and was able to cut her strips for her rug. Marta's husband, David, even came over to see the different ways we cut fabric for weaving.

This is the load of strips she got joined for her rug!

Pat is getting a warp ready to demonstrate at the Foothills Handicrafts Guild show which is November 12-14.  Love those colors!  She's really into using up the stash around the Center!

LaDonna and Ila brought their painted warps that have been rinsed, and the colors are so bright and vibrant.  This will make some beautiful scarves!

Always a highlight....Allan cut off his rug warp today.  There were 10 rugs on this warp!!!  They are really beautiful!

This was just a small part of the action today...our student weavers are doing great.  Karen is already winding another warp!  Trudy did hemstitching today, and we didn't hear any colorful words (like some people we know!)  And, there was just a whole lot of weavin' going on!

  A big ole thank you to weavers for my lovely "wallhanging" they presented me with today!  Not only will it be perfect in my dining room, but it's a wonderful reminder of the special people who gave it to me!
Happy Weaving!


Linda said...

I guess I got there too late to see the wall hanging. I wanna see!

Tina J said...

I missed the wall hanging too! I had a ton of errands to run before I made it to the center. I guess that means I will have to drop by Lou Anns and see it doesn't it!

Maggie said...

Colorful language while hemstitching? Why, whomever could you mean?

Anonymous said...

The chickadee made very quick work of the cutting. Striping fabric, stitching it together and then winding it on a shuttle takes an amazing amount of time. Then I found I was over-zealous in how much could go on a shuttle so I had to off load some... I was thrilled that I actually got to weave some today.


Anonymous said...

Thank you all very much from me, too, for the pretty wallhanging (or maybe pillow, shuttle-holder, who knows?). I really appreciate everyone's feedback about cutters, and the helpful demo of the different cutting tools.
Back to the wedding calligraphy project ... Marta