Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cambridge loom

I thought I would try something different to blog about. I am going to talk about my looms. A different one each week. This week is the Cambridge loom. It is a four harness, six treadle loom counter balance loom. It had a sectional beam at one time but someone cut off all the pegs. This is one big loom!

Here is a little history of the loom taken from Janet Meany's Weavers Friend website.  
"Another model was the Cambridge loom with four shafts and six treadles. It wove up to 45" wide and was recommended for teaching weaving in schools and colleges. After Reed's death, Paul Linker continued to build the looms until his death in the 1970s. The looms are no longer being manufactured."

When I first received this loom it was pretty dirty. It had been rescued from a barn. A friend helped me get it home and then I took it all apart to get it in the house. The first thing I did was clean all the bolt holes of mud daubber's nexts. I had to use a screw driver! Then an old tooth brush and vaccuum cleaner finished the job. After damp wiping it all down I oiled the wood. I replaced all the heddles with new ones and put in a new reed. I also replaced all the tie up cords and eye screws on the treadles. She was ready to weave!

I really like old looms. They are good and sturdy! I often wonder who the other weavers who wove on them before me. Wouldn't it be wonderful if old looms could talk?



Bonnie said...

That is a nice loom. Yes, it would be interesting if looms could talk.

LA said...

I sure wish my looms would talk to me! (Of course I have some that would be yelling at me 'cause they feel ignored lately!!!) I do think they would have some stories to share.

Maggie said...

It would be wonderful for you to introduce us to all of your looms.

Tina J said...

Linda, I think that is a great idea! I like hearing about how weavers got their looms. There is almost always an interesting story to go with it, and almost always interesting yarns and books that came with the loom too!

calpfs said...

I have this loom, and am a newbie to weaving. I am having trouble getting all the ties to balance out. Any suggestions?


phyllis leck said...

I found an old cambridge four harness loom in terrible shape maybe a good parts loom?
I also found an old "Looms" weaving supplies brochure from Reed Loom Company
Any interest in either?
I hate to see these items go to waste
I am a weaver and can not absorb any more looms
email me at