Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Our dye workshop was on Saturday. We had so much fun the time just flew by and we didn't get everything done that we'd hoped to do. However, there will be  other Saturdays! 
These are the warps that I dyed. I have no idea what I did. I love the way they came out. We were just mixing colors and having fun. No rhyme or reason to what we did really.
So, that got me to thinking about how records really are important. We were in such a hurry for the wonderful let's just see what happens time that  we didn't think about making notes. This time it didn't matter. However, I think that the next time I do some warp painting, I will keep some form of records so that if I really like what I got that I can do it again!
Now the question is, what weft? I can't think about it until after next week.

 Next week is the Foothills Craft Guild show. My last for the season. Other than a few orders, that's it til spring. This warp that I did for the last show was very successful. The pieces are gone. Since I had a couple of weeks between shows I warped it up again. Sometimes having a fairly good stash of yarns comes in very handy! I"m almost finished weaving it. I hope to get it off the loom today and the process started to finish the pieces!
If I really have a few extra hours I'm going to try to get another warp on the loom. This one would be all black. It'd be a short warp, less than 12 yards long. We'll see how the next few days turn out to be. I do tend to try to get too much done but somehow it always works.
Next Tuesday we're going to do some immersion dyeing at the center. My fingers are almost color free now. Monday when I was rinsing out my warps I was wearing gloves. Suddenly I realized my one hand was very wet. Yup, there was a hole in the glove. Isn't it always something?? I had blue fingers again for awhile!
Until next time.


LA said...

I looked at my dyed fingers like a badge of honor! I also have a warp to prove it! And, we get to do it again so soon! Yeah!!!

Woven Spun said...

To get the dye off....a dab of bleach on the hands is all it takes. Just rub together quickly and then wash off. Follow up with a wonderfully silky soft hand lotion and no more dyed hands. I almost had to go to a military ball with green hands (my dress was clashed horribly) and I tried the bleach thing and it worked like a charm. It's my "go to" solution.

Bonnie said...

Another beautiful warp. It will be fun deciding on what to make with the dyed warp.
A good thing to know about the bleach. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Carol - Beautiful colors on that warp! I'm going to jot down some dyeing notes, too. I took off most of the choke ties on my 4.5 yd. warp for the dyeing, but should have retied some of them again before finishing. I also appreciate Ann's comment about blotting well with paper towels before the final roll in plastic. She noted that the blotting cut down quite a bit on the number of rinse cycles needed. ~Marta

Tina J said...

Love your dyed warps, I can't wait to see them on the loom.

Linda said...

Another beautiful warp! Pretty soon you will be able to sit back and relax!!

Theresa said...

The dyed yarns looks beautiful and so does that warp!