Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Some Progress!

Now that the show season is done I have a list of projects that "have" to be done! There are at least 4 warps I have to weave plus there's still that handtowel warp on my baby wolf that has to come off before one of these other projects can go on there. Haven't touched it yet!
However, today I'm working on a baby blanket. He was born the beginning of August. His Grandma is a very special friend of mine. DD was in the wedding when his parents got married. You'd think I'd have gotten the blanket done ages ago. I haven't.
I found out that they were decorating with Winnie the Pooh. My MIL has been going through her fabrics and giving me some of the ones that she knows she won't use. In the stash was some Winnie the Pooh fabrics.

I've figured out a way to make a blanket using what she gave me. I kind of like it. I have it spread out here just before I pinned it to do machine quilting.
The pictures are from a piece that was meant to be made into a book. I just cut them with a scant 1/4" seam  allowance and then added fabrics to make it 10 1/2" squares. I normally make smaller squares in the opposite squares but this time I wanted Winnie the Pooh to show up so just cut 4 patches for the squares. The allover print is sashing around the blanket. Now, included in that pile of fabric was a really thick flannel the same as the fabric I used for the sashing. It's backing the quilt. So, once this is done and he gets it, he can be warm since there's a layer of batting between the two, but really, that flannel will be really great. Now while he's still little, he can lie on the flannel side when it's cool but once it's warmer the pieced side is just cotton and great to be on.
This quilt isn't an heirloom. It's meant to be used and I"m hoping he "drags it in the mud" as he hauls it around his playroom.

Gotta weave this afternoon. That handtowel warp is like an anvil hanging over my head!!!


Bonnie said...

That will be a beautiful, treasured and used baby blanket. Looks like fun to do.

LA said...

Hey!! I've got some anvils if you run out of things to do!!! LOL The baby quilt is wonderful...that's a lucky baby!

Linda said...

The quilt looks great! I like Winnie the pooh. W was given a quilt when he was a baby and he still treasures it at 16 years old!

Roxie said...

What a precious blankie! Flannel is sooo comforting. Good on you!