Saturday, October 16, 2010

Whole Lot Goin' On!

Next Saturday, my baby girl is getting married!  She is an exceptional young lady, and I'm VERY proud of all she has done and accomplished.  She's teaches chemistry, biology and ecology at a local high school, and her husband-to-be is also a high school science teacher.  So...what does this picture have to do with all of that????  It's my job to bring the sangria!!!  The other end of the table has all the gallon jugs for the mixing part!  I just have to decide which pitchers we're going to be using.
  I don't have any pictures of me trying on dresses for the very glad of that!  I ended up with a giant headache, and finally ordering the perfect outfit online.  I can't believe they have brought back all those horrible '60's prints that I'm sure I didn't like then.  And, they are just as ugly now!
  I have house guest arriving on Thursday night for the weekend, and we're having a family lunch next Sunday.  I've got lists on top of lists. 

  Two weeks from today we will be warp dyeing out back under the pavilion.  Since I don't have a swift, I'm using my kitchen chair!!!  I rolled the winding station into the kitchen and I'm winding my balls of perle cotton so I can measure my warp.  I got a bunch of skeins of this perle cotton when I bought Mz. Emily last summer, so this will be perfect to use for this experiment.  Of course, I need to finish winding my scarf warp for the TW challenge before I  wind the perle cotton.

And then there is THIS.....that ball of rags used to be my sister's tote bag.  Her bag was the first one I made on the wide warp, and I used a twisted rope for the handles.  (This was instead of using 4 different strips to braid and weave back in.....that came next.)  These totes hold a LOT of stuff....but something heavy caused her handle to pull out.  I did try to weave it back in, but that was a losing battle.  So, I saved the rags and I'll weave her a replacement.  In the meantime, I'm finishing this one up for her to use.  There's no such thing as too many tote bags!

So....back to my list of things to get done today.  That perle cotton isn't winding itself!!!!  And, it's taking up space in the kitchen!
Enjoy your October afternoon!


Bonnie said...

Nice assortement of pitchers, but for the sangria, I like the one with the blue rim. The chair works. Your sister is lucky to have you. That is very nice to redo her tote bag and making her another one.

Tina J said...

I are so excited for you all! Do let me know if I can give you a hand, Wednesday and Friday would work for me.

Maggie said...

I went in the loominaria to wind warps and decided to go pull weeds instead. Too pretty a day!