Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On the road again!

I know that Tina just posted about Tuesday's adventures at the center but it's now Wednesday (after midnight)  and I'm on the road again. I have to get up early to head over to Asheville to set up for the Southern Highland Craft Guild show again. This week I've spent alot of time finishing the pieces I wove. I've still got a small stack of things that aren't finished but I've got the majority of it done.
In July the fire marshall came by the show and decided that we have to all have our curtains be fire retardant with documentation to prove it. Well, mine aren't. In fact, they're just cheap cotton that I sewed to line the back of my panels. So I ordered some special fabric and today I sewed them. I think they'll work. I'll just use them at this show. My other shows I can use my old ones. I was thinking about cutting them up and putting them into placemats or rugs but I think I'll just keep using them for shows where they're not so strict!
 Molly sure wasn't happy to see me loading the car. I think she knows what's going on. She is kind of skittish when I'm loading. I guess she is afraid she'll be boarded. Not this time! Just in July!!
She's in my studio between looms and near the wheel chair. Had to take the wheelchair out of my car because I was needing it to load.  DD doesn't use the wheelchair unless she has to go a longer distance.

So this is my van. It's loaded! We have it down to a science. Everything has its own home. If I didn't have this system of packing where everything always goes in the same place, I'd never get everything in there!!
I wonder what I forgot......


LA said...

You are packed & ready to go!!! I hope you have a successful show.

Tina J said...

That is one packed van! Hope you have a succesful show. Email us if you get a chance.

Linda said...

Have a safe trip and I hope you have tons of sales!

Linda, who is in Cumberland Gap eating blackberry cobbler with ice cream!! Tomorrow? Williamsburg!!

Bonnie said...

Have a successful show. That car is really packed.