Saturday, October 9, 2010

Straw Loom Weaving at the Fall Festival

Today was a glorious day to be outside, and Maryville put on a fantastic fall festival!!!  And, since we can't resist any opportunity to share our love of weaving, the Tuesday Weavers were on hand to get people started in this wonderful art form!

I got the inkle loom ready to weave last night (the Pup stayed home since I wasn't sure how it was going to get back home!)  We had plenty of straw looms and baskets of colorful yarn to choose from.  All we need now are new weavers!

Here you go....a ball of yarn for weft, and one handy-dandy straw loom.  Ann quickly caught on and started lots of people on their own weaving projects.  Ms. Joyce came around noon, and started helping folks, too.  Sometimes we were REAL busy, then there would be a slight lull in the action just before it got busy again!

My sister, Joyce, even got in on the action.  Here she is with two very happy little girls who got into the weaving groove very quickly!

I'll admit....I'm exhausted!  I'm thinking a little nap might be in order!!!  We left the booth to Marta and Maggie to finish up and load up any left over kits, and we headed home. 

People are always surprised when you show them that they can weave on this simple loom....but as long as you have warp and weft, weaving is possible.  And, thanks to my fellow Tuesday Weavers, we have shared this with another whole group of people!!!

Happy Fall Weaving!

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Maggie said...

We had lots of new weavers, too. Thanks to Vita for helping, and to Marta's sister in law and mother in law for becoming honorary Tuesday Weavers and helping teach! What a beautiful afternoon it was.