Thursday, October 14, 2010

Almost There===Planning Stage

It was such a beautiful day, that I had to do some yard work. Cleaned up all the empty boxes from deliveries. I only had a few that were in the garage. In the basement were stacks up over my head. DH got those out on Tuesday. Anyway, for now I am through building or working for him.
I have spent the last couple of days planning. You know, I was a Planner in a manufacturing company years ago. Or maybe you didn't know.
Here is what I have on my plan.  A bunch of towels on 8 shaft. I don't have a deep blue, so I may have to use yellow instead.
Here is the two 10lb spools of twin that I ordered.  I have had this in my head for several years. I saw these pictures and keep them. Now to see if I can do something close to them.
Here is my latest purchase. I really love these two books. The  "Compendium of Finishing Techniques"  just came today.  I got the other on several weeks ago. A couple of other books that I got awhile back to help me with learning to adapt color is below.
I have that book, by VanderHolt on Summer and Winter, on order. Last I looked it is on back order .I am on my way to having my weaving library.
I have a few books on spinning because I am just trying to learn to spin with the help of Tina. When I finaly learn to spin, I can always add more books.

Until next week. Happy weaving.


LA said...

I love those colors for your towels! This is really exciting!

Linda said...

You go girl! Planning is half the fun!