Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Porch Sale at AACC!

This next week is the Porch Sale at the Appalachian Arts Crafts Center.  That means that all the departments scour thru their inventory to see what they can put out on the porch.  It coincides nicely with the Museum of Appalachia's Fall Homecoming.

Here is a stack of orphan pieces from upstairs.  What I mean by that is that there may be a single placemat or mug rug,  or maybe there is something that has been in the shop for so long that we decide to discount it a lot, in order to make room for the new items we are making.

Lou Ann and I were the porch sale bloodhounds, sniffing out all the sale items.  We also discounted a lot of the regular items to speed them on their way as well.

If you make it to the center, just look for the yellow dot on our items for great savings.  Christmas is right around the corner you know!

While Lou Ann and I were doing that project, Pat, Bonnie and Marta, I believe, or maybe Ann, or both,  were continuing with the yarn organization.  It really is looking better.  Our goal is to be able to put some storage bins under the newly raised shelves.  That way we will be able to walk around the room!  I will get pictures of the bins next week.

Pat and the girls, I think I see Bonnie there, take all the yarn off of the shelf in question, wash the shelf, raise it up, and then reload the shelf using crates for the smaller cones.

In the middle of all that confusion, other Bonnie and Ann actually got some weaving done!

Then it is time to head home, so like good girls we make sure that we put away our toys.

Until next week, Tina, for all!


LA said...

Lots of bargains on the Porch Sale....time to do some holiday shopping!

Bonnie said...

You guys were sure busy today. Got alot done. I bet you are tired from going up and down the stairs. The yarn looks so nice all stacked so neat. Nice job Pat.

Maggie said...

I sure hope you got that periwinkle table runner from my very first center project! And that darn red overshot pot holder!

Theresa said...

Oh looks like a good sale coming down the pike! I was organizing yarn the other day too, what a task.

Anonymous said...

Ann's blue rug is looking great! I love the colors in Bonnie's rug. I can't believe you can see the back of that yarn shelf and the table is bare. Everything looks so good.

The porch sale is going to be awsome and Christmas is right around the corner. Sharen