Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh those five minutes jobs!

Today we moved the Structo into the studio. To get it through the door my DH and I took it off the stand. He carried the loom while I carried the stand to the studio. Putting it back on the stand should have taken about five minutes, right? Wrong. We got it all together and then we sat on the love seat for a few minutes. Then he asks, "What is this button for?" This loom has a neat feature. When the beater is pushed back it hits a button and the harnesses come down. I went to demonstrate how it works and then it hit me! We put the loom on the stand backwards! The beater on this loom pivots on a bar that is connected to the stand. So.......we had to undo all the screws and nuts and rotate the loom and put it all back together again! Why are five minutes jobs never five minutes? I am not sure what room I will put it in yet so for  now it will be in the living room at the studio.


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Bonnie said...

Never fails, Linda. It should be a 5 minute job and 30 minutes later still hard at it. Beautiful loom.