Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Show Views

I left last Wednesday for Asheville to set up for the Southern Highland Craft Guild show. DH came as well to help me with the lights. The fire marshall had made us all jump through hoops about the lights and fire retardant fabrics. I hope they don't think of something else to hassle us about!!!
So we were setting up racks and about to put the lights up when I realized we'd forgotten the 4 ft strips we attach the lights to.  That meant that he had to go find a Home Depot and find some more strips. They weren't expensive, just took an extra hour to get it done. I have since changed my show list. It no longer just says lights. I have it broken down into components!!
The show ran from Thursday through Sunday. It's a long show but the hours are from 10 til 6. It used to be, back in the 80s, the show went til 9pm. Those were some awfully long hours, especially in the evenings when no one would be there.
I decided this time to take some pictures from my chair. These are the views I saw in the times I was just sitting and waiting. From my chair looking straight forward I saw a potter's booth, one that had painted floorclothes and Cannon's chair caning booth. Must be nice to just sit there all the time working on a chair, shooting the breeze with people, offering them a seat. Once they're comfortable in that recaned rocker, they often end up buying it!!  At the end of the row a guy was demonstrating wood turning. He had some kind of primitive set up as well where they used part of a heavy tree branch that they anchored down well. From it was attached a rope that went around a piece of wood and down to a foot pedal that the operator pushed down. This caused the rope to move and the wood to turn. He had a tool that he used to shave off the bits of wood. By Sunday he had a nice piece that was turned. He got alot of attention. Even had some chairs there for people to sit on.

 My other view shifted to the left where I saw small wooden boxes. Just out of view on the right was Ruthie's jewelry booth. I have a pair of her earrings...
The show was a good one and I did sell alot of pieces. I was hoping not to have to do anything before my new show second weekend in November. However, I will have to do at least one warp before then because of orders and because it is all gone. I love the color combination of black, turquoise and sea blue. It'll be fun to weave once I have it on the loom later this week!!


LA said...

I'm glad the show went so well! I didn't get a chance yesterday to talk to you about it! I know how fast you get your warps woven, so I'm not worried that you'll have more ready for the Foothills Guild.

Bonnie said...

You have some pretty items. I need to take a look and find something for me. A long top of sorts. In maybe reds or purples. Glad the show was good for you.

Tina J said...

I am glad the show was a good one! It makes it worth all the trouble. I love that color combination too, can't wait to see you post about it!