Monday, October 4, 2010

One Loom Less

Where once a great loom stood, now there is an office.  It's bright and airy and conducive to sitting and writing and researching and pondering life's great mysteries.  There is also room for an ironing board that can stay up all year round and have no apologies made for it.  
  After LouAnn, Pat and Tina helped me move the desk in to the back bedroom Saturday afternoon, I swept and mopped the floor, then brought the bookcase in.  I hung the bulletin board I bought over a year ago, hung up the photo of me with my first fish and connected all the necessary cords.
  There will be no more reproachful looks from a loom I don't understand, no more trying to vacuum under and around its bulk.  I feel as though I missed a great opportunity, but I simply didn't have the time for it.
  Speaking of time, I must say that I will be taking a sabbatical from the Tuesday Weavers for a while.  My real job has become too large and stressful to allow me to give up a day off to work at the Center.  I need two whole days off to relax. clean the house, take care of business and be with the pets.  I will of course miss my friends, but will keep you all posted on my progress here.   I hope I can spend the time I have here to weave at home more.  I'll let you know how my new projects progress.
  I hope someone will take over the hand-manipulated lace linen towels on dear B*&%$@, who I will also miss.  He's a good loom with a bad braking system.  He doesn't get near enough respect!  I think I left my copy of Weavers' Craft with the instructions on the lace techniques, so it shouldn't be too hard to pick up where I left off.  Take good care of B*&%$@!
  Take care of each other, too, and keep a spot open for me!  I'll return as soon as I can!


LA said...

I'll be looking forward to your updates on Mondays when you will still blog here and on A Sweet Thread, right? But, your office/sewing room look very comfy!

Tina J said...

Great looking office Maggie! It looks really productive, if you know what I mean. We will miss you.

Bonnie said...

Your office looks nice. We will miss you on Tuesday.