Saturday, October 2, 2010

We're At It Again!!!

Remember this loom?????

Last December (right before Christmas) we moved this loom to Maggie's to start a new life.  As you can tell, this loom takes up a LOT of room.

Between okra, pickled green tomatoes and "those French guys," Maggie hasn't had a lot of time to try & find out what makes this baby tick. need to understand...besides being a preservationist and a weaver, Maggie also likes to sew. 

That is......when she has time and the SPACE to work.

In the meantime, Carol, the weaving department chairperson, had been contacted by a lady wanting to buy THIS loom.  She was convinced that this was the loom for her.  So, now this lady is driving down next weekend to get this loom!!!!!

Enter.....THE LOOM CREW!

Provide us with coffee and pastries on a Saturday morning and we can dismantle and load up a loom!!!

A few wrenches and pliers later, the loom was apart with screws carefully stored to prevent their disappearance.  (We will not talk about my inability to hold on to my wrench....or the dings in Maggie's floor when it went flying!!!!  No weavers were hurt!)

All the pieces were loaded (very carefully) into Pat's van.  They will ride around town for a week until next Saturday.  The transfer will go down outside of Knoxville at an undisclosed location..............(I'm teasing you here!!!!)  Pat knows where she's going!

A big thank you goes to Pat for making the exchange!!!

  Now Maggie can compute and sew in the space vacated by the loom.
  And Weftie can find a new place to climb to new heights.

And, our wonderful weaving friends can rejoice because we are so lucky!!!!  Lucky to have each other to lean on when we need a loom question answered or just take that puppy down!!!!

All in all....this was a great way to spend a Saturday morning....don't you think??? 
Happy Weaving!


Maggie said...

Those are some great pictures! I'm currently sitting in my sewing room/office, thinking about how lucky I am to have friends like you guys! Thanks!

Tina J said...

What a great morning! We really took that loom apart in record time. Maybe that coffee and pastries had us on a sugar and caffine high.