Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hooked on Black

I've been weaving as much as I can lately. These are the last 2 warps that have been on the loom. The weft is black. Seems like that's all I'm weaving with lately. Makes it alot easier when  I get to the serger to enclose the raw edges!! Changing thread colors on the serger is always something you hold your breath on, even if you just tie the new color on and pull it through the path to the needle! I think this is about the 4th warp I've done in black and there's at least one more to go!
I really like the turquoise and sea blue in this one. The black tones it down but it still is a beautiful combination that I enjoyed weaving and like the way it turned out after I washed the pieces.

I had a request for a black dress or top to bring to The Art Market gallery because they have a new set of mannequins and don't like using the Goodwill skirt that they put on it. I thought it looked good! I do weave alot of black. It sells well. It's actually blacker than what shows on the picture.

The close up shows that I"ve got a variety of different yarns in the warp. There's a rayon chenille in there that's really black and adds a bit of color interest to the fabric. I will be glad when I"m done with it. I don't enjoy the solid blacks. I like the colors that I add to the warps!!  Don't wear black either unless I have to!
I've only a couple more weeks before my next show so there are several more warps I'd like to weave and all the finishing work that needs to be done as well. Weaving the warps is just the beginning. Then there's the time spent being sure all the knots that got woven in the fabric are repaired, serging the pieces apart, washing them and hanging them up to dry. Then cutting necklines, etc serging them and assembling the pieces. Finding buttons for the vests and jackets, hand tacking all the seams open and then crocheting the edges. That's all before inventorying them and making belts for tops and dresses.
I've got plenty to do in the evenings. Good thing the new season has started with some good shows. Last night was our favorite, NCIS! Some evenings are better than others!

On the home front, DD had surgery Monday on the ACL on her right knee. Took him 3 hours to operate. Even though they operate arthroscopically, he was very careful to clean everything up inside, add stitches to the other parts that were torn and then giving her a new ACL. This time it wasn't a cadaver part.
We had to be at the surgery center by 11:30 and weren't home til 8pm.
The pain this time is a lot worse. Also, they operated on her left knee just 4 months ago and it's not completely healed. Having to put all her weight on the left leg to move with her crutches is incredibly difficult. We did move her bed to the living room to make it easier for her to get around but it still seems like a very long distance to move anywhere.
We're hoping that in a couple of days the pain will ease up a bit. She will not be able to put weight on that right leg for a month and then two more weeks at least, walking with the crutches.
She can't wait to be able to go swim again! Her first physical therapy session is tomorrow. Those therapists are all good friends now that she's been seeing them since March! I know they'll treat her well. I can't take her this time. I have to work at The Art Market gallery which is a co-op I belong to. DH will have to take her. I suspect he'll use the wheel chair to get her in!!
Hope to be able to report next week that she is feeling a bit better.


LA said...

I bet that black is a great is so easy to mix & match! I find myself wearing black a lot! I'm glad DD is starting her therapy so soon! Swimming (water therapy) is a great way to get those muscles strong without weight on the weak area.

Tina J said...

Love the warps, as always you amaze me with your color choices. We can't wait to get you back at the center, I will continue to lift you up!

Bonnie said...

At least you have lots to keep you busy while you DD recoups. The warps are beautiful and will make great tops or whatever.

Linda said...

It looks great!!

Yes, exercising in the pool is wonderful! I do it three times a week. Please give DD our love and wishes for a speedy recovery.