Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Retreat--Warp Painting

It's finally here!  When we talked about having our Dye Day back in August, and the last weekend of October was chosen, I thought I had plenty of time to prepare.

We knew that October could bring lots of variety of weather, and we've lucked up with a sunny (but cool) forecast.

Last night we thought we would pre-wash the warps, but we ended up sitting around the fire pit. Pat brought nibbles for us to enjoy as we discussed our new project.  After soup & bread (and a really yummy salad that LaDonna and Ila brought) we watched Carol's DVD by Mollie Freeman and Sara  Lamb:  Warp Painting Plus.  WOW!  I'm finally seeing the possibilities of this!!!!
Carol has pre-mixed the dyes we'll be using today.  So, in a few hours we'll be dabbing dye onto our warps.
   Tina brought over her knitting machine to make blanks for those who want to try that method.  I may do up some bamboo if we have time!  That sounds like fun, too!!!
  So, put on your apron and gloves, and get ready for a fun day!  I'll add pictures tomorrow of our Retreat!

Happy Weaving & Dyeing!!!!

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