Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tootsie Tuesday!

Yep....the topic of the day is TOOTSIES.  Blame it on Kimberly Lang!   My niece that writes fabulous books blogged about a killer pair of shoes that she's going to take to a convention.  Honestly...I couldn't even walk in them!  But, it did get me to thinking this morning about my little piggies and what I wear most of the time.  Out & about you'll usually see me in my birks...even in the winter.  But, when I'm at the loom....I'm BAREFOOT!  A glance around the Center on Tuesday will show you lots and lots of little tootsies!!!!

  Looking at the tootsies above, you can tell Marta is treadling plain weave:  1-3, 2-4!


Bonnie is just about finished with all the caterpillars, and they have made a very interesting rug!  But, if you ask Bonnie, she'll quickly tell you that she doesn't think she'll make another one like this.                                                                    

                          And, Maggie is barefootin' those linen towels like a pro!  Is she pointing her toe like a ballerina???? 

Tina was spinning this afternoon....she had on her flip flops at the wheel.  That might have been because she was rushing between one thing and another!  She helped me wind my warp of scarves on the loom this morning, and it took a little longer than I thought it would!

Lanny, Carol, Carl, Pat, Ila and LaDonna were at the Center this morning, but left before tootsie pictures!  Ms. Ila made a Blackberry Cake for us to enjoy after lunch!  It was YUMMY!!!!

Ms. Bonnie and Joyce had their shoes on for their picture.  Notice that they go for comfort, too!!!

So....weave the way you love, and love the way you weave. 
Just weave!!!


Bonnie said...

I did not have my Birk's on today. I had my Crocks. They are comfy too.

Maggie said...

Sometimes it takes me a while to think of a fresh angle for the blog, but LouAnn, I believe you take the prize!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to miss you all this morning - I arrived in Knoxville at 1 am this morning after a 12 1/2 hour drive. I couldn't face the run up the interstate to Norris - especially when I know what the return trip was going to look like on I-75 south (I did breeze through there a midnight though)

Can't wait to be back at the loom next week.

Kimberly Lang said...

Glad you liked the shoes. But remember I am a hillbilly at heart, and I go barefoot most of the time. Only occasionally do I get to break out the pretty shoes...

But still not a Birks fan... :-)