Monday, July 19, 2010

Lessons Learned

I began the last color on the friendship afghan project, and got to about 7 inches before I noticed a problem when I tried to advance the warp.  Yes, that would be lack of warp, enough to finish the last two rectangles.  I only warped 9 1/2 yards, because that's all my warping board will hold.  I simply hoped for the best, and since I didn't have any errors that would have used more warp, I figured I would be fine.  Now I must tie on another yard of warp, and honestly, I just don't feel like it today!  I wanted to have this color done by tomorrow morning, before heading up to the center, but I can see now that I won't.  I must buy a larger warping board!  And stop hoping for the best.
  Because, I'm sad to report, the blouse I made from the bottom of the dress my mother had cut out shrank to the size of Barbie's younger cousin, Skipper.  The blouse was beautiful, a dusty peach color, and I put some of my favorite buttons on it.  I washed and dried it this morning, and found out that the fabric hadn't been washed before.  The good news in the sewing room is that I've washed all the fabric Mom gave me, and it's all pressed and ready to be made into many beautiful garments.  But two blouses from the same fabric, all that effort, will be going to Goodwill tomorrow.
  I'll leave you with photos of the cardoons that are growing outside my kitchen at work.  I've never eaten a cardoon, and don't know when these will be ready to cook, but I've been keeping my eye on them.  They're a relative of the artichoke and are popular in Italy, but used rarely in American kitchens.  They look like thistles on steroids.  If I get them before the chefs do, I'll cook them and let you know how they come out.



Tina said...

Maggie, That is one of the reasons I don't like to sew! Plus the fact that whatever I have sewn bares no resemblance to a wearable garment in the first place!
Good luck with that warp, are you going to tie it on?

LA said...

I'm so sorry you came up short on your warp. That, too, is a fear of mine with this project. I have never heard of a "cardoon" but it does look like it belongs to the thistle family!

Anonymous said...

The warping mill at the center is always available for us to use. I've used it a time or two when I needed a longer warp than my board would hold.
Sorry about the sewing. Sometimes it's such a pain but when it works, it's so great!!!

Bonnie said...

I am sorry about your blouse.
That is an unusual plant. It does look thistle like.

Anonymous said...

I want to know how the cardoon tastes