Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busy Tuesday

This could be a tale of before and after.  Please note that the table is rather clean.....just some nondescript black plastic bags to make you curious.  This was just the beginning!

Out of those bags came a ka-zillion bobbins left over from the KMA!!!  A lot of the bobbins were over-wound or very tangled.  But, Pat soon had a system in play, and the bobbins were sorted by color and bagged and boxed.  It was decided that these yarns can be used for our Christmas scarf project/challenge.  I believe you could find the color you're looking for here!!!

Since Bonnie finished the caterpillar rug last week, she had to clean up under her loom.  It was ankle deep with bits and pieces of thread and ribbon and lint.  She started fresh this morning with a clean floor, and bags of colored loopers for more rugs on the warp.  It didn't take too long before the tiny bits of the loopers were falling on the floor under the loom! 

Vacuum cleaners get a good work-out with weavers!!!

This picture is for Carol....just so she'll know we really did weave today.  Even Allan was back to weave with us today!!!  He disappears behind the loom in the corner!

  Marta brought us some yummy candy from Santa Fe, and told us about her Convergence experience.  WOW!!!!

Tina wound two warps for mug rugs, and started putting them on the table looms.  She's threading an overshot pattern....then there's always  the option to just do some plain weave ones, too!

Yep....another BUSY Tuesday!!!!



Maggie said...

You guys were busy! Missed you, but had a good day, doing as little as possible.

Anonymous said...

What a busy day for you guys!! Never do know what's going to happen when you show up, right?! Missed you. It's cooler here! We had an adventure which I"ll write about tomorrow. I'm glad that Alan was back. We've missed him. Can't wait to hear about Marta's adventure at Convergence!!!

Bonnie said...

We did get some weaving done. LouAnn was threading her loom and I was doing the looper rug. It was a fun day.