Thursday, July 15, 2010


OK, I have one loom empty. Place mats still on the other. A warp on the board. I need to take the warp off the board.  I have my yarn ready to do the warp for the friendship afghan.   I have procrastinated long enough. My loom is not ready for a warp yet. I need to do some adjustments. I bought a flat washer to place on the front roller to push it over to the right a bit. The latch does not stay latched and lets the woven material slip loose and hangs into my lap. First, I will fix it. Then wind the white warp and be ready for everybody's yarn when available.
The next project in line will be the scarves for out challenge at the center for Christmas. I do need to get the exact rules on that before I start.
On the spinning front. I bought some new parts for a wheel that was at the center. Tina and Linda had spun on it before I found  it and scavenged some parts for another wheel that Maggie has. I took it to the center on Tuesday for Tina to try it out(with the new parts). She confirmed that it did spin better. I had signed up to get the magazine "Spinn Off".  My first issue came today. So I will be reading that and anything else to learn how to spin.
Sorry no pictures today. I have been working for the husband this week.
Everybody have a safe and productive week.
Until next time.


LA said...

Have you decided on your pattern for the project? I'll bring yarn on Tuesday...I want to get this done!

Linda said...

Glad to hear the spinning wheel is working better. You will be spinning in no time with lots of practice.

Bonnie said...

Yes, I have decided on Jewel page 45 in Davison.
See you Tuesday.

Theresa said...

I'll have to check out that pattern! Good news on the wheel. Have fun.
Spin Off is a nice publication.