Thursday, July 8, 2010

Flown the Coop

I hope that everybody had a safe 4th of July holiday.

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about some baby birds. The nest had 5 eggs. Only 4 hatched. Three were big and sat and the 4 so he was very tiny. The 3 flew off several days ago. The little one was standing on the edge of the nest this morning, then jumped off.  He did not have enough feathers to fly. I just hope that he will makes it.

No noise.   All the family have left. So sad. So glad. Really mixed emotions. All who have grandchildren know the feeling.  It never fails that I get sick. But I managed. We had from time to time 12-16 people running to and fro.  On the 4th Norris has a celerbation every year. This year it was on Sat. the 3rd. The Norris Lions Club cooks a big BBQ or chicken with baked beans, cole slaw and a roll for $7.00. There are all kinds of activities for the kids all day.
This was my family eating. It was sooooo hot in the school.   It was just too hot  for me. I just went home and let the children and parents go play.  Then at dusk we had fire works.

On Sunday, we went swimming at my son's, in-law's house.
Hamburgers, hotdogs and ribs. At the end home made ice cream. Then they watched fireworks. We had to get home and tend to the animals.
On Monday slip & slide and pizza. 
Tuesday the lake and boat, and swimming
Sometime in there we took the girls and picked blueberries.
This is my daughter and her girls in from NC. She is a real good mom.Her husband.(in his UT shirt).
 My son and his kids. Mom was not feeling very well. No picture of her.
I had a blast having them all here at the same time. My son's family leave near by so they could go to their house. It is really neat to watch your children become responsible adults and parents. I must not have done too bad of a job.  I am so proud. I did something right.
Rest is in order for today. Then back to weaving and learning to spin.
Until next week.



LA said...

Hey! No fair! There isn't a picture of you in your 'kini!!! I know you had a ball with your whole family around (but a little exhausting, right?) Today is a good day to stay inside and's just too hot outside!

Maggie said...

Great photos! Glad you had mostly a good time!

Bonnie said...

Good time but, yes exhausting.

Theresa said...

I was getting a little exhausted reading about all your adventures! Looks like a pretty great visit though and of course all those wonderful pictures and memories.

Tina said...

What beautiful grandbabies! I am glad you had a good time. Rest up, we will see you on Tuesday.