Friday, July 9, 2010

Over it!

I suspect that you all are about as sick of seeing this breadcloth warp as I am!  In fact, I have speeded things up a bit.  After weaving 2 cloths using hand manipulated lace as a center design, and trying my hand at some other hand manipulated design, I cut it out and went with plain old plain weave. 

First I did 2 cloths with blue weft, the 2 with white weft with the blue stripes put in as well.  Now I am just using the white weft and doing plainweave cloth, and no blue stripes! 

My strategy seems to be working as I am beginning to see the knots on the back beam!  Yipee!

I haven't been able to weave much this week, lots going on, with the 4th and all.  Also my son and his wife, and 2 grandbabies are moving to Texas this week.  I will be seeing them today before they go.  I will get back to weaving next week, when it all settles down.

One thing about participating in a daily/weekly blog, is that every day I am confronted with a picture of the real me.  Not the one I think I am, not the one I wish I was, nope it is the real me that everyone else sees.  Even though it has been bothering me since November of last year, I see no difference in my appearance!  Imagine that, thinking about it does not make a difference, I have to do something, something that I can continue doing for the duration of my existance here on earth.  To that end, I have begun to increase my dietary fiber in ways that I can look forward to,(i.e. yummy chocolate fiber bars) and I have begun just this week to jog, oh so slowly, the 1.5 mile walk I do with the pups most days.  They are loving it, and it isn't horrible, I hope to take it up to 2 miles in a couple of weeks.  That is it!  That is all I am going to do.  I am not going to tell myself that I can't eat this and I can't eat that.  It doesn't work well for me that way, I suspect though, that as I start to feel more fit, I may begin to make better choices about what and how much is on my plate. 

My mini goal in all this is to be able to look at myself on the blog header this coming November, after one year, and see a little less of me, after all I want to be able to climb the stairs to my studio for many years to come!

I read somewhere recently, something to this effect.  In 1 years time, you know you will have wished you had started it a year ago.

Happy Weaving, Tina


Linda said...

I know what you mean! My husband has been taking lots of pictures of me lately and I don't even want to see them!

LA said...

Interesting post.... I LOVE seeing those pictures of you grinning really BIG...I can almost hear your giggle. Most of the time I can even tell you what we were all laughing about in that picture. Women tend to be too caught up in the "picture"...but don't forget that delightful part that you share with your friends & family! But, I understand, too, that getting up those steps to your studio is important to keep up the jogging and walking!!!!

Bonnie said...

I understand exactly what you are talking about. I am with you Tina. There has to be less of me by November too.

Maggie said...

The last five months that Bella and I have been power walking have made a big difference for both of us. I also refuse to deny myself food; I just walk a little faster after a bowl of ice cream! Good luck!
Beautiful towels. I'm a big fan of blue and natural.