Friday, July 30, 2010

The end of a project, falling a little short!

This sometimes it happens when you warp sectionally.  It is easy to shortchange one or more sections by a rotation or two.  I was actually pleased that it only happened to one section, I have done worse!

So here we are at the very end of things.  I can go no further.  I wove off the last of my bobbin, which remarkable enough coincided with the very last possible shed.

Here it is on the front beam.  Isn't that a beautiful shot!  It just makes me smile!

Here we are all piled in a heap.  It had been so long since I started weaving these cloths that I had forgotten how much trouble I had at the very beginning.  I had to use a temple to keep from snapping the warp threads.

I got 6 breadcloths, and yards and yards of fabric.

Things I learned:
I don't like using a temple if I can help it.  It really slows me down even slower than I normally am!
I can't do finger manipulated lace for very long, it really aggravates my carpal tunnell.
I like how the warp groupings show up in the fabric.  (You can see it best in the blue cloth above.)
I will never use cotton flake in a warp again.  ( and I just had the blue stripes in cotton flake)!

For my next project Lou Ann had a great idea.  She wants me to try some couch sized coverlets, using 8/4 carpet warp.  I am anxious to get going, in fact I may go upstairs and get set up to wind on a new warp as soon as I finish here.

I got a new book this week, "Respect the Spindle" by Abby Franquemont,  It is by far the best book I have read on spinning with a spindle.  In response, I spent 20 minutes today spinning on a drop spindle, and 20 minutes spinning on my pedal driven spindle wheel.  I hope to do that 3 to 4 times a week to increase my skill in this lost art. 

Until next week, Happy Weaving and Spinning, Tina
9.2 miles logged this week.


LA said...

Those bread cloths are beautiful!!!! Sorry about the short bout....I now can see how easy that can happen 8-) I can't wait to see what pattern you choose for your first coverlet warp. Love that overshot!!!!

Linda said...

The cloths look wonderful! I can't wait to see what you do next!

Bonnie said...

I hate it when the yarn comes out uneven. The bread cloths came out nice anyway.

Maggie said...

I just now figured out what the mileage was for! Good work! And yes, I feel your short-warped pain! Tomorrow might be the day I tie on my extra yard. Or not...

Roxie said...

The strap and grommet you used to extend the warp is ingenious. Never saw that before.

I'm with you, cotton flake is so sticky in a warp, and so - flakey in the weft.

But your fabric is gorgeous! And I bet it'll soften beautifully with a trip through the washer. Bravo!!

Tina said...

Roxie, that strap system is the leader for the sectional beam, it is pretty usefull isn't it.