Friday, July 2, 2010

Back to work!

I made my way back to Tennessee on Wednesday.  I was getting everything stowed for the final descent, knitting tucked away in my purse, purse in the backpack so that I really was bringing only 2 bags on board.  Everything was going well, I crammed my bottle of water into the backpack and I shoved it under my seat.  When I pulled it back out again after we landed, there was water dripping out of the bottom, yikes!  I could do little then but, I made my way to the bathroom as fast as I could.  Here were the damages:
 1. One pad of graph paper ruined, not much on there but an overshot draft I was working on.  That can be replaced.
2. One notebook with  a little water damage, not too bad.
3. One laptop computer, with all my pictures and other goodies too.  Didn't seem to be wet, but when I got home, all I have is a blank screen!  I am glad I have the regular computer, not nearly as handy, but it will do for now.  I don't know if the laptop can be salvaged, I am going to let it dry out for a few days and talk to some computer people.

I have been weaving today, it feels good after a week away.   I finished the blue bread cloth, and made a white one with blue stripes.

I have also been winding my scarf challenge project for the end of the year.

I will be using these two colors of rayon that were in the piles of stuff we are trying to use up.

Now I just need to choose the last color, wind it, and then wind the black bamboo that I have to showcase those beautiful colors.  You will probably not see anymore photos of this project until the reveal next December.

I tried to find a mug to use as my inspiration for the Christmas gift "Mug and Mug rug", but I didn't find anything that inspired me.  So I will start looking around for a Tennessee mug this week.  You won't be seeing that either!  That sounds so mean doesn't it!

Well that is what I am up to these days, until next week I wish you all, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

Welcome back, my friend! I'm so sorry about your laptop...I know how much you enjoyed using it. I love all your bright colors you chose for your scarf project...I can't wait to see it in December!

Bonnie said...

Glad you are back. I hope that you laptop will dry out and work. That bread cloth is nice. Love those colors for the scarf. I haven't gotten a mug yet either.

Linda said...

Welcome back! I am sorry to hear about your lap top but maybe it can be fixed.

I love the colors! The bread cloth looks wonderful!

Maggie said...

Yes, Tina, you are so mean! Now, how can I figure out how to get that scarf? yeh eh eh!