Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's July Already!!!

Oh my!  It's July already!  The first half of the year is GONE, and it's 25 weeks until Christmas.  I always swear that I'm going to do my sewing projects for Christmas in July so I won't be crazy during the holidays, but that never seems to happen!  I have a Christmas tree skirt that I started about 4 years ago that is only half finished.  I can hear the promise I made to myself, "I'll work on that next July." we are!  But, guess what!  There are projects in the queue that need my attention!

The afghan project is threaded and started.  This is my sample, and I've got to work on the selvage on the right side!  I also need to work on the "beat" of the pattern.  Of course, this is why it is the sample panel, huh?  I'm weaving the Wall of Troy pattern, and I was surprised at the different threading and treadlings I found for it.  And, that led me to this site:
Weaving Book Corrections | Interweave Press
There is a correction for the treadling in Dixon's "The Handweaver's Pattern Directory" for the pattern I wanted to weave.  It's good to know that page is available....I have several of the books listed on the page!  I need to take a look one day and see if I have a printing made AFTER the corrections were made for those books!  (I bought the Pattern Directory as soon as it came out!)

 On the rug loom I have the "cat mat" that is coming along.  I'm weaving it in a straight twill, and I'm using up some 1 inch denim in medium blue that I already had.   That is going to look so nice in my kitchen for the cat bowls!  It will be hemmed...not fringed!

And, speaking of cats.....Cece helped me fringe another rug!  It looks like she is tying the fringe, doesn't it?  She's really just the weight to keep it on the table!

She sat on my lap while I threaded the afghan warp this week....but she naps on the bed while I weave!

The blackberries are sure to read Maggie's "A Sweet Thread" to see all her jars of yummy goodness.  I got a few picked yesterday morning, but I have to get busy and get more done.  My brother LOVES blackberry jam, and you have to load up on those beauties while you can!  I like to pick early in the morning before the sun gets high in the sky!

That's just a few of the items on my to-do list!  I really do need to make sure I finish that Christmas tree skirt this month!  I'll pencil that in on my calendar!  And then, there's the scarf for the Center exchange.....and the apple butter.....fresh corn for the freezer.........oh my!
Happy Weaving, my friends!


Tina said...

My blackberries are coming in slowly. I have several baby blackberry bushes, and plan to establish another patch this fall. Yum!

Bonnie said...

Oh, my. You have started the afghan squares. I guess I will try to get started next week. Then I can get the yarn from you. I like your pattern. That rug will look very nice in your kitchen and both babies will love it.
I like blackberries too. Good picking.

Life Looms Large said...

Great projects on your looms! The pet mat is a really good idea. (I have a messy dog!)

I aspire to do an afghan some day. But so far am sitting on the "dreaming of it" couch, instead of the "doing it" couch.

Blackberries already....summer is too short!

I just promise myself I won't make any Christmas projects, avoiding the December madness. (My oldest UFO is a Christmas project that 96% done. Who knows? If you get started maybe you'll inspire me to finish it up also!)

Happy 4th!