Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nothing New

I sure can not compete with the last post. I have done no weaving or spinning of any kind. This is a holiday weekend and my daughter and her family are going to visit. So for today it is house cleaning. I got a new area rug to put in the family room over the hardwood. My oldest dog, Maggie, has real trouble with her hind feet sliding out from under her. She also can't get up off them. We have a small area rug and that just covers a small amount of the floor, and my other dog, Emma, will take a run and jump on the rug with her front feet to make it slide across the floor. So, I have had enough. The new rug will go behind the couch and the love seat to hold it into place. I don't  think that it will help Maggie, but maybe keep her from sliding. I am suppose to be getting the old rug rolled up and have the floor cleaned by the time my husband gets back with the rug.
I had a really nice visit with Linda yesterday. We talked and talked. I think that I may have worn her out. She looked really good.

So until next week. Happy weaving.


LA said...

Sass used to spin out on the wood floors here...that's one reason I have throw rugs all through the house! Maggie will appreciate the new rug! I'm glad you got to spend time with Linda...I haven't been able to get over there this week. Enjoy your guests!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sure glad you got to see Linda!!
I don't usually have as much going on as right now but this time of year it's just nuts at our house! I am looking forward to slowing down end of August!!! I plan to take a day to do absolutely nothing. Now wouldn't that be fun?

Tina said...

Bonnie, we all have days, weeks and even months like that! When it needs to be done it will get done.

Bonnie said...

Everybody loves the new rug. Have a safe 4th of July.