Saturday, July 17, 2010


Isn't this beautiful????  It's Wild Poinsettia or some call it Fire on the Mountain.  I found two pots of them for sale this morning at the Farmers' Market.  A dear friend had given me a start of this native plant years ago at my other house....but I didn't have any here on the Ridge.  I was jumping for joy when I found them this morning.

I needed a "jump for joy" after the last couple of days I had!  My company computer's email account had been acting wonky for awhile, and Norton's kept telling me that it had prevented an attack.  That's why I had Norton's!!!  But all of a sudden, what should have been legit emails were just gobbley-gook.  Now, my company computer is in the hospital and I'm hoping that I'll have it back on Monday. 
  I stopped at Staples while I was out and picked up a few things that were getting low.  I'll be making up for lost time when the computer comes home!

I put another warp on the inkle loom this week...I just couldn't stand it being nekkid!  My daughter has already decided that she needs this belt for her jeans.  See!  This really needed to be done!  And, I can weave in bed!!!! 
  Linda sent me a link yesterday about the new Gilmore Inkle Looms.  They actually have a warp beam...WOW!  I looked, but I didn't even price them! 

And....this is what I'm trying to ignore!  The warp that just keeps on giving.

Actually, it's finally going better.  I'm using a new "treadle, throw, treadle, beat" pattern with it, and it seems to be working.  It's just SLOW since this is a different way of weaving for me.  I'm sure it will get better (faster) as I get used to it.  I've retied the warp again to keep the tension even....cross your fingers that it will work better. 
  So, today is a good day to weave.............after I get my Fire on the Mountain in the ground!
Happy Weaving!


Tom said...

Lou Ann, I am glad that warp is going better, it really is a challenge isn't it. I think that DD has great taste in belts. I have never seen fire on the mountain before, be sure and show it to me next time I am at your place.

Bonnie said...

I did not know that is what those plants are called. It is so pretty. That will be a great belt to wear with jeans. I have my fingers crossed that the warp will cooperate. Do you have anything on the loom in the corner of the living room? The one that I liked and Carol said something about you being about ready to sell it.(joking of course) There will be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Tina said...

Sorry, that was me that posted above.