Thursday, July 29, 2010


I guess the title explanes it all. I have gotten the white warp ready to go into the reed. I started checking the harness threading and found a problem. So, I tied it up and had to leave it. Haven't had time to go back to it yet .
I am back working for DH. He has loads for me to do. Even though I want to be weaving. I kinda pays the bills.
I have also had some comupter problems. Somehow we had 2 charges on to our bank account amounting to around $100. You know how sometimes there is a little tiny box on some sites that are checked and when you buy something from this site, it signs you up for something else. We called and had it taken off and removed from their site. Or somebody hacked my infor on my computer. So my DH put another spyware on my computer. A better one.
My little Maggie (dog) fell down the stairs this morning. She got up and walked away as if nothing happen. Then outside, with our other dog which was running after a something, she started to chase and stopped and had her right hind leg pulled up tight to her body. I went running up to her, had her lay down and messaged her leg. It had a big, big knot in the upper leg. After a bit she was able to straighten it up. I have given her some doggie asprin and she seems to be relaxing and feeling some better. If only she could talk.
Well, my break is over. I better get back to my work before the boss comes looking for me.
Everybody have a great week.
Till next time.


LA said...

I hope Maggie gets to feeling better! She may need to rest it just a bit. Be careful with your computer....there's always a new virus out there! The warp looks like it went on well. I'll bring you some of the yarn on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Hope Maggie does ok. It's so hot outside I'm sure that the animals are all affected too. Don't worry about the warp. It'll be there when you're finished the latest job for DH!

Theresa said...

Oh poor Maggie! Hope it heals quickly as aspirin is very hard on their tummies and kidneys, even the dog/baby kind.
The warp will wait patiently for you. :)

Roxie said...

Poor Maggie! How wonderful for her that Mom (you) know how to make the muscles relax and stop hurting so bad.

I love the unlimited potential of an all-white warp!

Tina said...

I hope Maggie is better today!

Bonnie said...

Maggie is better today. Thanks to everybody's concern.