Saturday, June 26, 2010

"Uses Time Wisely"

Back in the "old days," there was a place on your report card for the teacher to check or X if you used your time other words, did you look like you were busy?  Did you get your morning work done?  Were you spending your time staring into space or yakking with the kid next to you???  As you can probably guess, I had a few X's on my report card in my early years.  I thought I had finally learned how to use my time wisely, but I guess I need to work harder these days.  I SWEAR I've been busy this week, but I have so little to show for it, at least, weaving wise. 

I did finish my belt on the inkle loom.  LOVE IT!!  I can't wait to start a new warp on that little beauty!  That's the best $10 I ever spent!!!  (Thank you, Tina!)  Did you know you can weave in bed with that darling???  I'm even going to try to follow Tina's directions this time.  Somehow, I didn't hear what Tina was saying when she was giving instructions.....imagine that!  But, I love the design anyway. 

I've almost got the warp for the afghan project wound on the loom.  I swear those chains magically grew in the just keeps on coming on!!!!  I'm hoping that the threading goes much faster!!!  I'd really like to have that ALL done soon.

Oh yes....I need to start cutting up blue jeans for the hall rug.  Can I do that in bed???

But, I did get the 3rd loom warped for Kids Camp at the Center!  (It's really cool....the Center has a Kids Camp every summer, and one of the projects for them to do is weaving on a table loom.  We put a 4 yard warp about 6 inches wide on the looms in lots of bright colors.  From what we're told, it's one of the favorite activities.)

On several of the blogs I read last week, they were talking about what was in your "to be read" stack.  It made me stop and think.......I've read lots of weaving books, magazines and articles.  But, I haven't read for just pleasure in a while.  I have a stack of books I've bought, and haven't started.  I think that this week I will take some time to read for the pure pleasure of a good read.  That would be a good use of my time, don't you think????
I'll weave some too............
Happy Weaving,


Maggie said...

Your belt is beautiful! You even spend your time in bed wisely! wink-wink!

Bonnie said...

I am glad you got the last loom ready for kids camp. The belt looks great. Yes, you should take some time to read for fun.

Linda said...

I like your belt!! It turned out great. Your inkle loom is the prettiest one I have ever seen!

Tina said...

I can't wait to see what colors you choose for your next Inkle project!

I will be back on Wednesday, so I am going to miss this Tuesday, don't have too much fun without me!

Anonymous said...

That belt is awesome! What colors next???
Thanks for finishing warping that last loom. The kids will love the colors!