Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Tuesday!

A bedskirt became weft today!  We often get donations of fabric (which comes in the form of flat folds, clothes, curtains or bed linens) and that is cut up for weft for placemats and rugs.  Carol took apart a bedskirt that is getting a new life at one of the looms!  That's a lot of usable fabric!

Weaving is going on all over the place!  Ms. Bonnie is threading the new warp at the refurbished Hammett loom, and Pat and Ann are making short work of their placemat warps.

Maggie was busy with her linen warp.  She brought her spray bottle of water just in case the linen got too fussy.  She got the whole warp threaded before she left today!  Yeah!

Bonnie cheered Maggie on by reminding her to hold her "mouth just right" as she threaded!

Bonnie finished her own threading and  cut the rest of the strips for the caterpillar rugs.  Oh my!  That made a mighty mess!!!!!

Tina got out the vacuum to get all the debris off the floor.

Sharen brought her rug that she wove from the mop cord she bought at R&M Yarns.  She got that project done very quickly!!!

Tina rounded up the inkle looms and small spools of carpet warp to use for our Weaving Retreat this weekend.

We've got lots of weaving planned, and we'll be able to try our hand at lots of different types of weaving!  It should be fun.
Happy Weaving!


Tina said...

That rug that Sharen did was so pretty! I know I have a bunch of that stuff here in the studio, stash reduction here I come!

Maggie said...

I believe that is the hardest part of warping: the mouth position!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see how Bonnie's rug turns out with that "furry" weft!! That'll make next Tuesday really interesting!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait til next Tuesday to see how Bonnie's rug turns out with that interesting weft!!! We all learn so much each week.

Linda said...

Sharen, you did a wonderful job on the rug!!

Bonnie, I am looking forward to seeing how your rug looks when it is finished.

Hey, did I spot a barefoot weaver???

Bonnie said...

I think you did Linda. Maybe even several. Hope you are doing well. You were missed today. I will wash the stips to freshen it up a bit. It has been in storge for awhile. Until next week.

Theresa said...

Wow, I almost got tired reading about all that weaving! Such an industrious Tuesday!