Monday, June 14, 2010

Thank you, Blog!

  A few weeks ago, one of my fellow bloggers said they were grateful to the blog for making her work on her weaving.  I have to say that the blog is the only reason I finished these place mats today!  I have had an incredibly long, difficult week, and really wanted to just take several naps today, but the blog loomed over me!  Was that a pun?
  And there are 16 place mats, not 15, as well as a runner and a... what exactly is that weird rectangle?  I started them this morning, but had a lot of trouble focusing.  There were so many of them!  It was so tedious!  And it's my day off!  Do I really have to do this?  But, yes, the answer was yes, I had to finish them.
  I did a few and called Mom to see if she wanted to go to lunch.  We tried out the newly restored S & W Grand Cafe downtown, which turned out to be quite good!  And then, we had to have gelato, three doors down.  And we had to walk around downtown, even though it was hot, hot, hot, while we ate our gelato.
  I finally got home at 3:00, and zipped through the rest of the place mats.  Somehow, mysteriously enough, they have an awful lot of cat hair on them, and will need one more spin through the washing machine and dryer.  Tomorrow, they'll make the trip to Norris and go up to the store for sale.
  And then, it's on to the linen warp!  I'll bring my spray bottle of water and get down to the business of threading.  Until then, Happy Weaving!


LA said...

Yes...the bog is good motivation to get something going/finished. By this time next week, you can blog about inkle weaving!!!!

Bonnie said...

The small one looks like a dish cloth. They look great. See you guys tomorrow.