Thursday, June 17, 2010


I brought home the strips from the center to wash. There were several suggestions on how to wash them. One was a lingerie bag.  I did find mine from years ago. It has close pins in it. It was really too small to put the strips in. I would have to do 5 or more loads of wash to get it all done. The other suggestion was a pillow case. I got a pillow case and started stuffing. Well, the same thing. It is too small. I would have to do several loads. I decided to just load them into the washer.  They completely filled the washer up.

The warp is 4 threads every 8 inches or so with random strips for the weft. Then  you finish and cut them apart and use them as the weft in a rug. Below is a strip that we cut. It is suppose to make a chenille rug. It will go fast. You will have to watch the blog for Tuesday to see how it looks. My warp at the center is multi colored which will look very nice with this. I think? We will see.

I do like to try new things. I don't quite understand this but I am willing to try it. Something fun to do.
Have a happy week.
PS.  In the wash--  What a mess.

In the dryer. Yes, that is the lent screen. It is only 2 strips and that is only the lent from them. A mess everywhere. Bits and pieces of material everywhere. I have what is in the washer yet to dry. I guess 2 at a time. Hope it will make it.   


LA said...

I can't wait to see how it goes!!! It's such an interesting project! I couldn't believe all the different items in the strips.

Tina said...

There was a great variety of fabrics in there, from novelty yarn to organza, and corduroy. I hope it makes it thru the wash!

Maggie said...

Yeesh! What a mess! Good luck with that, buddy!

Linda said...

Isn't it fun to try new things?

Bonnie said...

Ok. This was not much fun. It was a tangled mess. I would untangle till I got 2 strips free. Put them in the dryer. This took several hours. Got to the bottom of the washing machine and there was a huge pile of cut fabric. By the way the wash water was dark graish. Had to be washed. Maybe there will be enough to do one rug.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you bring it tomorrow and we can all help untangle it - and then we can lay it an a chaise poolside to dry.