Thursday, June 24, 2010

Going Spinney

I have not done much different this week. A bit of weaving on the place mats that you have seen before. My mind is on spinning. WHY?? I have don't even have enough time to get my weaving done. I am going to learn how to spin. I have ordered some magazines and books to help. All right!?  Who did this to me?

I do have a picture to show. I got a nice lovely hanging basket of flowers for  mothers day. I go out and water in the mornings and evenings(with this hot weather). The birds really like to try building a nest in any basket that I hang out on the front porch. I kept pulling out little sticks and stuff they were putting in each basket. So what do they do but build on in the night, because one morning it was there.  Then in the evening it had 3 eggs in it. Next day it had 5 eggs. I couldn't remove it while the eggs were in it. I still watered the flowers  on the side not getting the nest wet. Now, all have hatched but one. They are so small.

I will have more on the weaving home front next week. I hope.
Have a great week. Till next week.



LA said...

Precious baby birds....isn't it fun to watch! You are a natural at was fun to watch you spin on Sunday!

Maggie said...

I did not do this to you! You were surrounded by fiber addicts, and now you're one, too!

Even the birds used fiber for their nest! Beautiful picture!