Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's back on!

First of all, this morning the air conditioning guys came! We now have air!!!!  We managed for the whole week plus 2 days  of our summer weather by being so careful! I have a fan aimed at my face by the loom. Keeping my lights off as much as possible kept my studio coolish. The main floor, well, let's say we bought a big box fan. Also, I would follow DH around as he turned on the lights. I would turn them off!! Guess I can let up on that for now since this evening as we walked into the house, it's nice and comfortable again! Makes me feel like working in the studio tonight! Sounds like a plan!I've been weaving as much as possible lately. The warp of the 3 colors, sea blue, white and turquoise came off a few days ago. Actually, I forgot to take a picture of it before I cut it off. Remembering as it lay on below the cloth beam, I just let it sit there until I took the picture. It's not been washed or even serged yet, but maybe tomorrow. I'm still weaving the sea blue one. Have you ever had a warp that just went on really nicely, smoothly, with very few knots? Then, weaving it, it just wove like a dream? Well, that's what this warp is like. It's weaving really fast. I should get it off in the morning. You can really develop a nice rhythm when it all works like it's supposed to!
These 2 warps are going to be made into clothing, jackets, tops, vests and even a dress in there. Won't it be neat, a sea blue dress with a vest of the sea blue, white and turquoise? At least that's my vision of it all. We'll see how it works out and how the response will be at the craft fair in July.
We've still got appointments with DD and the physical therapy which puts a huge cramp in my weaving time. However, she's improving each day. Still on two crutches, she's making great progress and they're happy with how she's doing. Hopefully in a week or so she'll go down to one crutch. We can hear her from way down the hall because these crutches have an interesting sound, almost like music! She can't wait to be able to sneak up on us again! Makes me appreciate my knees and how they function!


Maggie said...

Those are pretty colors! I'm glad you're cool again!

Bonnie said...

Great colors. It will all come together and look good. Glad that you are getting some weaving done. Stay cool.

LA said...

That fabric has such a nice looking texture. It looks like it would be fun to weave. I'm glad DD is getting along. Too bad she & Linda can't do their PT together!!!!

Linda said...

The cloth looks really nice. You are going to make some wonderful thinks with it!

I am gkad to hear that you are cool again!

Tina said...

I haven't seen you use those colors before! I think they make me think of the sea shore, don't you. Maybe this warp was your quiet place.

Anonymous said...

The colors are really like the seashore. I will try to bring a swatch to our retreat this weekend. I got alot of the red pieces done this evening so I can change my serger thread to the right blue and serge those pieces apart!

Theresa said...

Great colors, the stripes are so pretty the way they set off the blues.
Glad you've got A/C again. It's tough in the heat to do just about anything. What's next up on the loom?

Anonymous said...

What craft fair in July?


Anonymous said...

The Southern Highland Craft Fair in Asheville, 3rd weekend in July.
Next up is a striped warp that I'll show you next week. It's going to be bags.