Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It Must Be Tuesday!

We had several visitors at the Center today...one lady wanted to know what we called ourselves.  I told her "The Tuesday Weavers."  She looked surprised, and then said, "It's a good thing I decided to stop here today, then!"

  Yes, if it's Tuesday, then meet the Weavers!!!!  LOL
  Our other visitor was an old friend, Betty, who used to weave with us.  She caught up with the news from old friends, and talked to Bonnie about the caterpillar rug.  She is moving to Ohio to be near her son.  We wish her all the best!!!

Carl, as always, spends his time weaving his placemats...his hem stitching is beautiful.  LaDonna was able to join us today for a little while.  She's already planning another shawl for her triangle loom.

Sharen and Marta are making headway on their placemat warps.


Carol is getting the last of the bedskirt ready for rag strips.  These can be cut for rugs or placemats.  I spent my morning at the warping board.  I'm winding a 22 yard warp for scarves.

I got 5 inches done before I had to leave for the day.

 A big shout out to our missing friends: Pat, Ms. Bonnie, Tina, Linda, Maggie, Joyce, Ann, Lanny and Allan. 

So, Happy Weaving my friends!  


Maggie said...

I'm sorry I missed you all, but I did get by to see Linda! She worked hard at pt while I worked my mouth! See you next week!

Bonnie said...

I got about 20 inches done on the caterpillar rug. It is going rather quick. I also found a spinning wheel, that I took home to see if I can fix it up to use. A Louet S10. We shall see. I don't know where it came from. I don't remember it being there last Tuesday. My spinning books came today too. We shall see.

Linda said...

I had a nice visit with Maggie today! When she left I was doing my occupational therapy. I am going to have strong arm muscles for weaving rugs! As I was doing the arm bicycle I heard this soft voice say, "Are you showing off?" I was lost in my thoughts and peddling really fast. I turned and saw an elderly woman on her own arm bicycle. I wasn't sure what to say! So I told her I was trying to get rid of the flab on my arms. She asked if it was working. I smiled and said, "Not yet." :-)

Theresa said...

A 22 yard warp?! Good grief, you are made of stronger stuff than me. 10 yards is about all of anything I would ever want to weave in one shot and that's pushing it.

LA said...

Theresa...I planned the warp for 8 scarves woven for 80 inches each. They'll have a 6 inch fringe on both ends. The warp is going on an 8 shaft loom with a point twill threading. There are endless treadling options, so this should be fun!