Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Making Progress

Is there anything more beautiful than a freshly wound warp?  Well, yes, there are many things more beautiful, but at this moment, I have to say that this is one beautiful item!  Consider its progress:

Sixteen yards of linen, 320 ends, with Tina's and Pat's help, have been tamed and subdued, and now await threading and sleying.  Next week, I'd like absolute silence, please!  I will be threading tabby, not too difficult, but it's always the simple ones that get me!
  Can you imagine Tuesday Weavers being quiet for the entire four hours?  Yesterday, during lunch, Sharen said to me, "I can't follow any of these conversations!"  I said, "I just let it flow over me!"  Sometimes, I will be weaving or winding or threading, just listening to the cacophony of voices in the room and feel so happy and grateful to be part of this amazing group.  Most weavers work in solitude, but we have each other, to learn from, share with and support.  We are so lucky!
  At home last night, after my post-Tuesday Weaving nap--I always have one!-- I decided to give the next turned overshot pattern another go.  My last attempt left my brain smoldering and a pencil being flung across the room.
I think it was the frosty beverage that did it, because it finally clicked!  The threading pattern suddenly became obvious, and I got it all written down.  The pattern on the left is what I'm using, minus the blocks around the daisy.  I'll only be using two segments of the blocks and one twist between each one of those between each daisy.  The daisies will run along the edge of the curtain, in bright yellow, purple and dark green, all on a white background.  Now, I need to do the math and start winding.  Jennifer is nekkid and needs a warp.
  Have a week full of progress!  Happy weaving!


LA said...

That canopy of voices is such a joyful sound! There are so many threads of conversation: weaving, family, world news and projects in progress. You can pick up the thread you want to follow or just float along. It might sound tangled to someone who has just joined us, but it's very comforting to me.

Tina said...

Ditto from my loom! Maggie, I am thinking overshot too, thanks to an idea Lou Ann had, just not turned overshot, not quite ready for that yet. I will have to put my math hat on though, there is truly never a dull moment in our lives is there!

Bonnie said...

Can't wait to see the curtains.But sometimes we just have to have that frosty beverage. It makes the day go down easier or just because it is good. Yes, the canopy of voices. We need to realize that just because a conversation is taking place, somewhere in the room, doesn't mean that everybody is hearing it. I have missed many things that way. It comes back as we talked about it last week. Doesn't mean that I heard it.
Sometimes as Maggie said, you don't listen to any one conversition.
I actually might get to do some weaving today. If I can remember how.