Thursday, June 3, 2010

On the Burner

OK.  As stated last week, I would try to get some pictures. I took my first project off the Inkle loom. I am not happy with the edges. I will have to improve them. They are kind of wavy. All in all ok for a first attempt.

I have only been able to do a tad on my place mats. I got a picture anyway. Sorry it is a bit blurry.

My battery was dying. Why is that??  Never fails. When I am ready to use my camera, I have forgotten to charge it.
I have a little surprise. I bought myself a new toy. No, not a new loom. Not yet anyway.
I bought this rotary cutting machine. I read all the reviews. Lots of bad reviews. Then one lady said to look at a video online and it tells you how to use it properly. I don't think it is fair for people to give a bad review if the really don't know what they are doing. (I hope.) I thought it would be worth a try. That is the box. I bought it over the weekend and have not even had a chance to take it out of the box. That will be one agenda for today.
                GOING BACK TO THE STORE!
Before I can get to my new toy, I have to play with my serger and learn how to use it. I had a lesson on Tuesday of last week on my towels. I HAVE TO GET THEM DONE. First was to take off the project on the Inkle. Done. Now for the towels, then the rotary cutting machine. I will let you know my thought on it. If I have time, I will blog about it later in the day.
Onward to getting my things done while I have some time off from working for my husband.

Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Glad you bought that cutting machine. You'll have to bring it on Tuesday so we can check it out. I've seen them but was wondering if they were really all that. We do need things to make our life a bit easier, right?!

LA said...

WOW! I saw that cutting machine in an ad, and wondered about it! Get it out!!!! Play with it!!! Report to the group!!!!

Maggie said...

I like your inkle weaving, too, wavy edges and all. It's how we learn! Good post!

Linda said...

Your inkle weaving looks really nice! I like the colors. Yes, let us know about the cutter.


Bonnie said...

I could not get the cutter to work. Not even to cut a piece of paper. So, I am taking it back today. It is a good concept and the cloth ran through the cutter like a sewing machine. Just did not cut through a thin piece of material.