Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday crazy!

Here is Pat's belt that she started this last weekend, doesn't it look great!  This is the pattern that I had in mind when I planned what I was going to teach.  There were several weavers, who shall remain nameless, who did their own version of the pattern.  Some of them did it on purpose, others were hearing challenged.  Anyway I learned a lot as a teacher, and they learned a lot as students.

Bonnie brought in the finished towels from her last warp.  We all thought that they were beautiful!

Ann brought in some yarn she had, so that we could use the balance and scale to see if she had enough weft to finish her project at home.

The weaving weekend is feeding us one last meal.
Here is the goulash layered with mozzarella in the dutch oven with some fresh basil from Sharon's garden, all ready to put in the oven.

Joyce is cutting off the placemats in pink.

Another shot of the two deep in conversation.

Sophia was busy on Sheron's loom.

Just look at that shuttle in the air!

Both of the girls were really quick learners, and we hope that they can find a bunch of weavers in their town.  Our center has a kids camp every summer, maybe there will be something like that for them in their town.

Sheron and Bonnie are looking at the yarn for this years challenge scarfs.  They are trying to figure out what they want to use.  I think that Carl has already chosen his and is giving his advice.

Maggie has started weaving on her linen towels.

Well there you have it!  Pretty much blow by blow of the high points of the day.  Ila, Carl, Ann and Pat are doing placemats on their looms, but you have seen those in previous posts.

Carol was sick today, and Linda is still recovering from her knee surgery.  Lanny and Alan are off on summer trips, we will be glad to see them all when they get back.

Lou Ann is planning a run of 8 shaft scarves, and will begin to wind that warp next week.  I am in a cleaning frenzy, I am basically just going around the room and putting things away!  ( and finding a lot of stuff!)  I am not sure how long this frenzy will last, but between that and winding rug warps and helping out, it will be a busy summer.

Happy weaving, Tina

P.S.  After everyone left, Bonnie got some of her crazy shag rug going:


Anonymous said...

Sure missed you guys!! Here's hoping that I can join you all again next week! I'm almost never sick. I find it hard to slow down!

LA said...

Yeah Bonnie! I knew you all would figure it out! That is looking great! Just another busy summer day at the Center!

Maggie said...

I love the photo of Bonnie and Isabelle! Two new weavers!

Tina said...

Bonnie, that looks great! I am glad that Maggie got a picture, I meant to but forgot!

Bonnie said...

Missed you Carol. I said but, she never gets sick. I can't wait to see what Maggie is working on. After much discussion, I did get started on my shagish rug. I think that I will bring a small crochett hook, like Tina suggested. Some of the cloth strips do not want to come up. It will prove very interesting and I hope fun.